Hathras victim was not raped, this is the reason why she died: UP Police makes a new claim!

When the nation has been witnessing the widespread outrage that has been centered at the BJP ruling Uttar Pradesh over the gangrape of the 19-year-old Dalit woman in Hathras, the Additional Director-General of the state police has thrown a stunning claim that the woman was not raped. 

By highlighting the forensic report, ADGP Prashant Kumar said that the woman was not raped. Addressing the reports on Thursday, Prashant Kumar said the postmortem reports say that the victim had died due to her neck injury. He stated that "FSL report hasn't found sperm in samples, making it clear that some people twisted the matter to stir caste-based tension. Such people will be identified and legal action will be taken".

The statement from the state's top-ranking police officer has come when the opposition parties and the general public have been slamming the BJP ruling Uttar Pradesh state government and demanding to deliver justice to the victim. His statement has gone contrary to the action of his own police department against the accused of raping and murdering a Dalit woman. 


A 19-year-old woman, a native of Hathras district, was gang-raped by four upper-caste men two weeks ago near her home. The accused had brutally assaulted her, broken her neck, slit her tongue, and left her to sustain severe injuries. She was rushed to Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital in Aligarh hospital and after her health had deteriorated, she was taken to Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi. However, amid the treatment, she had breathed her last on Tuesday due to injuries. 

During the hospitalization, she divulged to the police that she had been raped by four men and she also had named them. Following the revelation, the police had arrested Sandip, Ramu, Ravi, and Lavkush, whom the girl named and all the four accused have been booked under the grounds of gang rape, attempt to murder, and under sections of the SC/ST Act. The victim was the youngest of five siblings and she was placed under life support. 

Though the concerned police department has arrested the accused and booked them under the grounds of gang-rape and attempt murder, the top-ranking official of the state police department had gone discordant and spelled a different version that the victim was not raped and she was died due to neck injury. 

His comments have come at a high time when the state police have been running through the outrage for forcibly cremating the body of the victim at her native village on the midnight hours of Tuesday against the wish of the family members. The victim's family had requested the police to take her body home for one last time. By citing that the state government has denied the right to the funeral for the family, the opposition parties have been demanding Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to step down from the post.