'He should do his job as a postman': MK Stalin staunchly attacks TN Governor over the anti-NEET Bill!

The relationship between Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin and Governor RN Ravi has been becoming increasingly fragile as the former has been attacking the latter over his idling conduct of not processing the anti-NEET Bill passed by the state assembly. The latest attack on the Governor by the Chief Minister has come when the DMK government has adopted a Bill restricting the Governor's powers in appointing the Vice-Chancellors for the state universities.  

Chief Minister MK Stalin has on Monday launched a staunching attack against the Governor for not sending the state's anti-NEET Bill to the President. MK Stalin said that the Governor is nothing but a postman and he should do his job of sending the Bill to the President. The Chief Minister said that the state government was not asking for his approval for the Bill but to forward it to the President for the latter's consent.

He was addressing an event organized by Dravidar Kazhagam on Monday during which he has said the efforts taken by his government to repeal the NEET in Tamil Nadu, including uring Prime Minister Modi to act on the issue. He said, "We are not asking the Governor for approval for the Bill. The Governor doesn't have the authority to approve the Bill. What we ask is to send the Bill to the President.

He further said that the Governor should do the job of a postman and that his refusal to do even the postal department's job is not fair for his post. The Chief Minister had asked the Governor whether the latter is thinking that he is running a massive empire. The MK Stalin administration has been striving to ban the NEET in the state as he has been alleging that the NEET was an attempt to confine medical education and he called the national exam modern knowledge untouchability. 

After the DMK had come to power, the government passed a resolution to curb NEET in the assembly. However, Governor RN Ravi had sent the Bill back to the assembly and drawn wrath from the ruling leaders. The assembly had sent the anti-NEET Bill to the Governor for the second time, but RN Ravi has been holding the Bill with him after which several leaders had demanded the Governor send the Bill to the President. However, the Bill is being idled before the Governor for several weeks following which the Chief Minister had urged him to carry out his job as a postman and to send the anti-NEET Bill to the President.