"He wanted to quit in 2015" This is what A R Rahman had to say on the legendary composer of RRR

(This article is authored by Alar)

It it seems that there will be no headlines without mentioning RRR composer's recognition for his historical work on Naatu Naatu song as days passes by.  The Isai Puyal A R Rahman reveals an intriguing fact about MM Keeravaani, saying, "He wanted to quit music and retire in 2015 and that's when his career started." MM Keeravani was previously recognised with a National Film Award for Best Music Direction for the 1997 Telugu film Annamayya, before being given for RRR.

Speaking at the popular media outlet, "First of all, Keeravani is a great composer. He was underrated. And, the irony of what life is like… it’s such a great case study. I believe, I don’t know if it’s true, that he wanted to quit music and retire in 2015 and that’s exactly when his career started. We noticed for what he is. So anyone who thinks their life is over, maybe that is a point where you have to start to live your life,

"This is a great example. I keep telling my children, ‘That gentleman, who’s been working for 35 years, wanted to quit but then his career actually started at that point," Rahman also noted that the international community tends to look down on Indian culture if we don't promote it with pride. AR Rahman's statement about Keeravani has been shared widely on social media. It is pertinent to mention that the leading magazine Variety on its ninth year, partnership with the Santa Barbara Film Festival to honor the musician on February 13 as a part of showcasing the artisans who have showcased the most innovative work of the year in their craft.

Initially in his career, Keeravani worked as an assistant music director for both Telugu composer K. Chakravarthy and Malayalam composer C. Rajamani. Keeravani's first major break as a solo artist came in 1990 with the film Kalki, but neither the film nor the soundtrack were ever released.

Keeravani's breakthrough as a successful music composer came with Ram Gopal Varma's massive hit film Kshana Kshanam (1991). Because of the success of the film's soundtrack, Keeravani received numerous offers from studios all over the south Indian film industry. Criminal was his breakthrough Bollywood role.