Heat boils in Winter Session: 12 MPs were suspended for the entire session!

A wintry start of the first day of the Parliament's Winter Session has ended up with the floors of both the chambers boiling in heat over the ruckus and uproars. The Parliament has convened on Monday and passed the crucial Farm Laws repeal bill, which is now getting closer to enact as a law after the consent from the President. The bill was passed in Lok Sabha in four minutes and then it has cleared the Rajya Sabha in a short span of time amid ruckus from the opposition parties.

The opposition parties had held uproar at both the houses demanding the government to have a discussion over the Farm Laws repeal bill. Amid the uproar, the Rajya Sabha has reminisced the events of the Monsoon Session that was held on August 11 by suspending 12 MPs for the entire session for creating ruckus during that session. At the start of the session on Monday, Vice President and Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu expressed his unhappiness over the affairs of the house in the previous session.

Naidu said that disruptions and unruly conduct of some members during the last Monsoon Session continue to haunt everyone. He also urged the members to draw the right lessons from it as all sections of the house and the country ended up as losers from the Monsoon Session. According to PTI, Naidu had earlier broken down while addressing the ruckus at the Upper House during the Monsoon session and said that the sanctity of the House has been breached. 

After the start of the winter session, several MPs from the opposition had surrounded Naidu's podium and held ruckus urging the government to conduct a discussion over the repeal bill. However, Naidu had suspended 12 MPs for the entire session for their conduct of creating ruckus during the August 11 Monsoon session. The suspended MPs are from the Congress, Trinamool Congress, CPI, CPI(M), and Shiv Sena parties. 

The suspension that took place in the winter session for what has happened during the previous monsoon session had stirred political heat in and out of the Parliament with several leaders pressing Venkaiah Naidu to take back his decision of suspension. Congress MP Chayya Verma has said, "This suspension is simply unfair and unjust. There were other members from other parties who created a ruckus but the chairman suspended me. PM Modi is doing just as he wishes since he enjoys a brute majority." 

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin has also condemned the suspension. Taking to social media, he said, "The suspension of 12 Opposition MPs on the very first day of the winter session is highly condemnable. Such acts diminish the democratic spirit of the Parliament. I demand, on behalf of the DMK to revoke the suspension immediately."