The hidden agenda of CAA: P Chidambaram explains!

India's opposition party Congress has been tightening its grip towards stressing the government to revoke the enacted Citizenship Amendment Act that exposes and replicates the biased propaganda and policies of BJP in imposing its Hindutva ideology across the nation by converting the majority governance to authority based governance. The passage of the handicapped and crippled bill has brought the people of all ages to the streets including students, activists, and women who are circling with the unanimous motive of urging the Center to annul the passed bill that causes discrimination to the minorities and violates the fundamental rights of the constitution.

One of the strongest critics of the bill is Senior Congress leader and former Finance Minister P Chidambaram and he has been holding the government accountable for harming the minorities. On Monday, after concluding the rally organized by the DMK party in Chennai, Chidambaram addressed the reporters where he pressed his stance and reiterated that the party would be fighting against the Act and against the National Register of Citizens.

(L-R) P Chidambaram, M K Stalin and Vaiko during the rally organized by DMK in Chennai on Dec 23rd, 2019


In his address, he recalled the BJP's manifesto during 2019 Lok Sabha polls in which the rightist party had listed the implementation of NRC as its poll promise and said that as per their manifesto, they did the NRC in Assam by spending Rs 1,600 crore but eventually, they had trashed the register that incurred crores of money. Chidambaram quoted the statement read by Amit Shah in the Parliament towards implementing the CAA and NRC that would detect and deport every infiltrator in India. He branded the CAA as illegal and a violation of the constitution. He questioned the BJP government on ignoring the neighboring countries of Sri Lanka and Myanmar while considering Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan.

He quizzed the baffling bill which let Hindus of Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan apply for Indian citizenship while ignoring the Hindus from Sri Lanka. The bill permits Christians from these three countries to apply for citizenship while omitting the Christians from Bhutan. He noted Sri Lankan Tamils, Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and Ahmadiyyas in Pakistan as the top three communities that have been persecuted worldwide and claimed that despite the Act guarantees citizenship for the minorities, it failed to endorse Sri Lankan Tamils, Rohingyas, and Ahmadiyya in granting the citizenship. 

P Chidambaram addresses the reporters in Chennai, Dec 23rd, 2019


He asked the Central government on its regulation of National Register of Citizens where recently the government had identified about two million in Assam as illegal immigrants and demanded the government to ratify its plan of housing these immigrants either in prison or in the detention camp and cited that in the plight of economic slowdown, the government's regulation of NRC in Assam would cost around Rs 24,000 crore to build the detention camps to lodge two million immigrants and if BJP rolls out NRC across the nation, it would cost lakhs of crores and Chidambaram had claimed that the Congress party won't let India become Germany, where the Nazi regime persecuted Zeus. 

He urged the Prime Minister to scrap the Citizenship Amendment Act and to suspend the party's propaganda of National Register of Citizens and must call all the opposition parties to attain the consensus on moving forward and he blamed Tamil Nadu's ruling ADMK party and said that the party has no stand on any issue and it simply obeys the master's voice which is the BJP and accused the BJP of lying and earthing the truths and stated that with the motive of diverting the nation from the real economic slowdown, BJP has been rolling out its policies of revoking Article 370, NRC, and CAA. By responding to the question asked by the reporter, Chidambaram cited the NRC as a flawed exercise that would affect every people regardless of religion and ethnicity.