"His Tamil Will Ring True In The Ears": Kamal Haasan Express Grief Over The Loss of Nellai Kannan

(This article is authored by Alar)

After hearing the shocking news of renowned Tamil orator Nellai Kannan's sudden demise, aghast everyone, and celebrities are still processing it. In a note shared on Friday, Kamal Hassan stated that "his Tamil will ring true in the ears of Tamil veterans." Reportedly, he fell sick and was hospitalized in a private hospital for treatment of his illness and later announced his demise due to natural cause  on August 18.

Taking to Twitter, actor Kamal Hassan shared a heartful condolence message. as he wrote, "The TamilKadal Nellai Kannan is no longer present if you think Tamil, speak Tamil, or even just open your mouth; everything he said is a quote.. His ageless Tamil will ring true in the ears of Tamil veterans. My deepest tribute to Tamilaiya."

Nellai Kannan, the panel's speaker and judge, is 77 years old and has known important individuals in Tamil Nadu's political scene since the 1970s. His speech, notably those on Kamaraj, are very well-liked in his native Nellai Tamil. While receiving treatment for his illness, he passed away on Thursday, at a private hospital in Vannarpet, Nellai. Prominent personnel, including the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and film stars, have expressed their condolences for his passing.