History in the making...Virat Kohli is all set to achieve this remarkable feat by breaking Dhoni's record!

Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli is all set to surpass his predecessor MS Dhoni to become India's most successful captain at the home of all-time. Kohli can hit the remarkable feat if the Indian team, under his captaincy, wins the third test against England, which would begin on Wednesday. 

The Indian team had won the second test match against England by 317 runs and through the victory, Kohli had equaled MS Dhoni's record of the maximum number of wins for an Indian captain at home. Kohli can add another feather to the cap of his vibrant cricket career by becoming India's most successful captain at home and the prospect for the feat is close to him as he can better use the ongoing England series to create the milestone. 

Dhoni, who has been regarded as the legendary captain of India, has captained India in 31 home tests of which the team had won 21 matches. His successor Virat Kohli has equaled the record of winning 21 Test matches in the home in the second Test against England in Chennai. Kohli had equaled the record by playing only 28 tests, three less than MS Dhoni, which means that the standing Indian skipper has recorded a higher win percentage at home during his captaincy. 

In his tenure of captaincy, Dhoni had lost three home Tests as captain while Kohli had lost two and Kohli's Win-Loss Percentage stands at 10.5, which is also highest than Dhoni, who had 7. Undoubtedly, Dhoni and Kohli are strong and powerful Indian captains and the duo had led the team to greater heights. Kohli took the Test captaincy in 2014 and so far, he had played 58 Test matches as the captain both in the home and abroad of which he had recorded 34 victories and 14 losses while the rest ten matches were drawn. 

At home, he had equaled Dhoni's record and is one victory ahead to create a new milestone. In the history of Indian test cricket, there were 33 captains for India in the test matches but Virat Kohli is the most successful captain with 34 victories. England is currently on the Indian tour and the visitors are playing four-test matches, five T20s, and three ODIs. So far, both the team had played two test matches with one victory each and the third test match will be hosted by Sardar Patel Stadium in Ahmedabad. 

If India wins the series, Kohli will be creating the history of becoming India's most successful captain. On the other hand, while speaking about the milestone, Kohli said that his responsibility is only to keep the team on top. He said, "Records as a captain mean nothing for me or any other player. It is a responsibility given to me and I'm trying to do my best". 

"This has always been the case and will remain the same, as long as I play the game. These are fickle things which look great from outside, doesn't matter to me as an individual", Kohli added. Speaking about MS Dhoni, Kohli said, "We share a great camaraderie and mutual respect is something you hold very dear to your heart. It is always more important than these milestones. I have a responsibility to keep Team India on top, and the same applies to someone who takes over after me".