Horrific death of a 4-year-old child: Police recover a shocking handwritten note from the mother turned murderer!

Days after apprehending a woman techie who has been accused of killing her own 4-year-old son, the police in Goa have recovered a shocking handwritten note from the woman's possession amidst probing the horrific case. The accused woman was taken into custody earlier this week and the handwritten note has been sent to the Forensic Science Laboratory for examination by handwriting experts. 

While the investigation into the death of the child showed that both the woman, Suchana Seth and her husband Venkat Raman were not in good terms and in the midst of dispute, the couple went to file divorce, the recovered handwritten note carried what aligns to the findings of the case -  the estranged and bitter relationship between the couple. 

According to the police, the note was written on a tissue paper using an eyeliner. The note was found in Suchana Seth's bag and on it, she had mentioned about her bitter relationship with her husband. Speaking to PTI, a senior police official said that they had recovered a crumbled note from Seth's bag and that the content on the note had indicated that she was upset over the custody of her child.

"We would not like to disclose the content of the note but it indicates that she was upset over the custody of her child", the police official stated. Furthermore, Seth will also be undergoing medical examination and psychological evaluation. When the news of the death of a child drawn national attention, what followed were startling revelations that the child was killed by his own mother and that she was a top woman techie in Bangalore. 

Suchana Seth was Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a start-up Artificial Intelligence (AI) firm called 'The Mindful AI Lab'. She was arrested from Chitradurga in Karnataka earlier this Monday under the charges of killing her son. The investigations further revealed that Seth and her son went to Goa for a vacation. They were staying at a service apartment in Candolim in North Goa between January 6 and 8. She checked into the apartment with her son on January 6 and she stayed there for a couple of days. 

During the morning hours of January 8, Seth checked out of the apartment and hired a cab to reach Bangalore. Ironically, Seth exited the apartment alone and when the apartment staffers went to clean the room where she stayed, they were shocked to find blood stains on a towel. This has apparently sparked suspicion about the whereabouts of his son and with a blood-stained towel in a hand as an evidence, the apartment management immediately informed the Goa police.

She was later arrested in Chitradurga while she was on her way to Bangalore. The police have also found her son's body in her luggage and arrested her. She was later taken to Goa for further proceedings. It has been found that it was a planned murder and she decided to kill her son after being dissatisfied with a court order, permitting her estranged husband to spend time with their child on Sundays as the couple were praying for divorce. 

During the investigation, Seth confessed that her relationship with her husband remained strained and she was unhappy over a court order, that directed her husband to spend time with their child. It is alleged that as her husband's proximity with their child made her angry, she had decided to kill her son, and executed her plan in Goa. The autopsy report further revealed that the child was strangulated to death and that Seth could have used a cloth or pillow to strangulate her son. 

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