'I am receiving death threats': Shocking complaint from senior ADMK leader CV Shanmugam!

Senior ADMK leader and former Tamil Nadu Minister CV Shanmugam has approached the Director-General of Police (DGP) through his advocate and filed a shocking complaint where he said that he has been receiving death threats. His complaint has come when he has been in the political spotlight for the past few days over his tumultuous conduct amid the leadership war in the ADMK. 

Shanmugam had served as the Law Minister in the previous ADMK regime and he has recently been elected to the Rajya Sabha from Tamil Nadu. According to reports, Shanmugam's advocate has on Saturday moved a complaint to the DGP stating that the former minister has been receiving incessant death threats. The complaint has also carried the numbers from which such alleged death threats had come. The complaint has urged the police chief to initiate necessary actions against the responsible people.

The complaint has come a day after Shanmugam has turned heads through his startling statement that the top posts of Chief Coordinator and Joint Coordinator of ADMK have been expired and that Chief Coordinator O Panneerselvam (OPS) is currently the party's treasurer. OPS has been locking horns with the party's Joint Coordinator Edappadi Palaniswami (EPS), whom CV Shanmugam supports, over capturing the party's complete leadership. 

On Thursday, ADMK has convened its General Council meeting that was finally wrapped up with tensions and frictions between both the factions. In the meeting, it was Shanmugam who announced that the party is boycotting all the resolutions, through which ADMK has created the worst history where it has concluded the General Council meeting for the first time in fifty years without passing even a single resolution. 

While addressing the reporters on Friday, Shanmugam said that O Panneerselvam is no more the Chief Coordinator of the party and that the dual leadership has been expired. He further said that the resolution of giving more power to the Coordinator and Joint Coordinator didn't pass in the General Council meeting, these two posts automatically expired on Thursday. He further said, "Tamil Magan Hussain was unanimously elected as the party's Presidium Chairman and there was no violation in his selection." 

"It is not against the court order. In 2017, due to O Panneerselvam's induction, the party's bylaws were changed and as the top two posts have expired, Panneerselvam currently is the party's treasurer while Palaniswami is the Chief Organizational Secretary. Panneerselvam was the one who had split the party and seized the party's electoral symbol. General Council meeting has complete authorities to change or amend ADMK's bylaws", Shanmugam added. A day after his remarks, Shanmugam has made a complaint to the DGP that he has been receiving death threats.