'I had learnt a lesson': Metroman Sreedharan, who was BJP's CM candidate in Kerala, quits active politics!

Veteran engineer Metroman Sreedharan has on Thursday announced that he is quitting active politics, less than a year after taking the baton of campaigning for the BJP. Sreedharan, who hailed Prime Minister Modi's policies and administration, was touted to be the BJP's CM candidate in the Kerala assembly polls.

His move to quitting active politics is seen as a surprise as it's been only around ten months since he joined the party in Kerala. Sreedharan had made the announcement of quitting politics on Thursday - December 16 in Malappuram, Kerala and he said that he had learnt a lesson from his loss in the Kerala assembly polls that held in April. The 90-year-old engineer has cited that he is no longer interested in active politics.

He said, "I won't be in active politics. That time has passed. I haven't given up politics but I am no longer interested. I am at the advanced age of 90. He highlighted that he was never a politician and had joined politics as a bureaucrat. "I am serving people through three trusts, even beyond politics", he added. He went on to admit that he was disappointed after his electoral defeat in the assembly polls.

He further said, "But I have no disappointment now when I look back. Because as the only MLA I could not have done anything. Without power in the state, one MLA cannot do anything." Sreedharan had contested in the BJP ticket from the Palakkad constituency but he had lost to Congress party's sitting MLA Shafi Parambil in the polls. It must be noted that BJP has failed to win even one seat in the state. He lost the race in a margin of 3,859 votes and he was touted to be the BJP's CM candidate in the polls.

After entering politics, Sreedharan has expressed his interest in taking up the CM's post and playing a big role in Kerala politics. The results from the Kerala polls were a major debacle for the BJP as though the Central ruling party targeted to win big, all the major contestants including Sreedharan and BJP Kerala President Surendran had lost the elections. Sreedharan is called a Metroman for his work as Managing Director of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation between 1995 to 2012. He had joined BJP in February 2021 and now he has announced that he will be quitting active politics.