'I have lost a dear friend': Prime Minister Modi pens a heart touching eulogy for Captain Vijayakanth!

In what has become a rarest rare event, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has penned a heart touching and historical eulogy for deceased actor-turned-politician Vijayakanth, who passed away in December 2023 at the age of 71 in Chennai due to pneumonia. The Prime Minister appeared to be emotional and that he has taken Vijayakanth's demise as a personal loss.

Narendra Modi's eulogy has taken everyone by surprise as he pens such a special note once in a blue moon and last time when he wrote an eulogy was for his mother who passed away in December 2022. An eulogy from the Prime Minister for Vijayakanth has become the talk of the town where he wrote about the influence of Vijayakanth and the relationship he had with the latter. 

Vijayakanth has passed away on December 28 and in just within a week, Prime Minister Modi has paid tribute to Vijayakanth three times. While he took to social media to express condolences to the bereaving family after learning about Vijayakanth's demise, he has on Tuesday spoken about Vijayakanth in a public event in Tamil Nadu, and now comes his eulogy. 

As Vijayakanth is endearingly be called as 'Captain' by his fans and followers, Narendra Modi started his eulogy by stating 'A Tribute to Captain!.' The Prime Minister wrote, "A few days ago we lost a greatly admired and respected icon, Thiru Vijayakanth Ji. He was truly a Captain for everyone- a person who lived his life for the betterment of others, providing leadership and a healing touch to people in need. Personally, Captain was a very dear friend - someone with whom I closely interacted and worked with on several occasions." 

"Captain was a multifaceted personality. In the world of Indian cinema, few stars have left an indelible mark as Vijayakanth Ji has. There is much to be inspired by in his early years and cinematic work. His journey from humble beginnings to the highs of Tamil cinema is not just a story of stardom but a chronicle of relentless effort and unwavering dedication. He did not enter the world of cinema for fame. His was a journey driven by passion and perseverance. Each film of his not only entertained but also echoed the societal ethos of its time, resonating deeply with a wide cross section of the audience", Narendra Modi added. 

Recalling his relationship with Vijayakanth during the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, Narendra Modi said, "I worked with Captain during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections when our parties fought in an alliance and got over 18.5% votes – the highest that any national alliance without either of the main regional players got after 1989 elections! I fondly recall a joint rally we did in Salem- where I witnessed his fiery oratory and the connect he had with the people. When the NDA formed the government in 2014, he was among the happiest people. I can never forget his joy at the Central Hall, when NDA leaders met after the 2014 poll win." 

"Beyond his professional achievements, Vijayakanth Ji’s life offers valuable lessons to the youth. Most notably - the power of resilience, a never say die attitude and to overcome any number of challenges through sheer dedication. Equally inspiring is his largehearted nature. He was known for philanthropy- he used his fame and resources to give back to society in many ways. He was always keen that Tamil Nadu and the entire India become a leader in healthcare and education", he stated. 

Narendra Modi further wrote, "In the passing of Vijayakanth Ji, several people lost their most admired star and lots of people have lost their beloved leader. But I have lost a dear friend - a friend whose warmth and wisdom were remarkable. He leaves behind a void that cannot be filled. The Kural talks about how courage, generosity, wisdom, and zeal are four essential elements of a successful leader. Captain truly embodied these traits and that is why he was so widely respected. His legacy will continue to live on in the hearts of his fans, the annals of Tamil cinema, and the corridors of public service. And, we will keep working to realise his vision for progress and social justice for all." 

Sharing his eulogy on social media, the Prime Minister wrote, "In the passing away of Vijayakanth Ji, several people lost their most admired star and lots of people have lost their beloved leader. But I have lost a dear friend. Penned a few thoughts on Captain and why he was special."