'I will release two corruption files of MK Stalin govt': BJP's Annamalai vows as he bats a fresh attack against DMK!

Tamil Nadu BJP President Annamalai has enriched his attack against the DMK ever since Chief Minister MK Stalin staunchly criticized the Union government over its fashion of not meeting the demands of the Tamil Nadu government in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a recently-held public ceremony in Chennai. MK Stalin's speech on federalism had shocked the BJP, sparking the BJP leaders to find talking points to attack the state government. 

In line with that, amid surfaced with outrage over his conduct of degrading the media persons in the press meets, Tamil Nadu BJP President Annamalai has come up with a fresh attack against the DMK where he has vowed that he will be releasing two corruption files of the MK Stalin government soon. Annamalai has been leading a campaign against the state government, demanding it to reduce the fuel prices.  

Recently, the Union government has reduced the excise duty on petrol and diesel. With the reduction, the price of petrol fell down to nine rupees while the price of diesel was reduced to seven rupees. Following the centre's reduction of excise duty, Annamalai has urged the DMK government to reduce its taxes on fuel prices. The BJP leader went on to issue a warning that the party will conduct protests if the state government fails to reduce the tax on fuel. 

On Wednesday, Annamalai and several BJP functionaries marched towards the Chief Secretariat in Chennai to siege the iconic premises after the government had failed to reduce the prices. However, the leaders were barricaded by the police officials and they were blocked from advancing further. On Wednesday, Annamalai has slammed the Stalin administration and claimed that the DMK government will last for 750 days.

While addressing the reporters in Trichy on Thursday- June 2, Annamalai has batted a fresh attack against the DMK government. He said, "We don't want to topple the Tamil Nadu government. But, the performance of the Tamil government has been worst. I will be releasing the two files of corruption that happened in two departments in some days."

"Our Chief Minister (MK Stalin) has brought a shame to Tamil Nadu by sharing the false data in front of the Prime Minister. Before coming to power, they mentioned the centre as the Central government and after coming to power, they are calling it as Union government. People didn't accept this", Annamalai added. On the other hand, the Chennai police had filed a case against Annamalai and thousands of BJP functionaries for conducting protests against the government. A case was filed in the Egmore police station under three sections including illegal crowd gathering and stopping government officials from performing their duty.