'If this happens, we won't be silent': Warning from a senior TN BJP leader!

As several opposition parties are voicing against Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi's visit to Dharmapuram Adheenam, the Tamil Nadu BJP unit has been preparing to counter any protests in this regard. Tamil Nadu BJP Vice President Karuppu Muruganandham has on Monday said that if any protest happens against the Governor's visit, the party won't be silent. 

Governor RN Ravi has been scheduled to visit Dharmapuram Adheenam near Mayiladuthurai on Tuesday. He will be inaugurating a yatra at this religious institution. However, his tour to the Adheenam has been criticized by several parties in the state. From the Communist party to several Dravidian outfits, the parties have voiced against RN Ravi's visit while the BJP has been countering such criticisms. 

While addressing the reporters on Monday, Muruganandham said that if any protest happens against the Governor's visit, the BJP won't be silent and the party would converge thousands of members and will provide a grand welcome to the Governor. He said, "With the motive of destroying the Hindu religion and with the instigation from the Congress and DMK parties, several parties have criticized the Governor's tour to the Adheenam." 

'We see the protest against the Dharmapuram Adheenam as the protest against the Hindu religion. If they stage protests against the Governor's visit, we will organize thousands of members from across the state and will welcome the Governor", he added. Muruganandham further said that the NEET was brought by Congress and claimed that the Union government is not imposing Hindi on anyone and Tamil Nadu BJP will protest against any such impositions.