India's young mayor Arya Rajendran breaks her silence and slams BJP leader...Her reply goes viral!

Thiruvananthapuram mayor Arya Rajendran, who is India's youngest mayor, has hit the national headlines through her reply to a BJP leader in Kerala for calling her as an LKG student. Arya had slammed the leader of the Central ruling party in a meeting hall for allegedly belittling her on social media. Her reply has been going viral with several people and activists backing her for her response to the BJP leader.

Arya Rajendran had become the mayor of Thiruvananthapuram in December 2020 at the age of 22, becoming the youngest mayor of India. Its been over six months since she took the office and recently, BJP Councilor Karamana Ajith wrote a post on social media trolling the Mayor and her age. Ajith called her as an LKG student from the AKG Center. AKG Center is the CPI(M) headquarters in the state. 

According to reports, Ajith had in a post written on June 11 about missing excavators said, "The things worth lakhs bought by the taxpayers' money are not playthings to be destroyed by LKG kids from AKG Center." He further went on to call Arya a 'mayor baby' and claimed that the municipality is not a children's park. Besides Ajith's insulting post, Arya has been a target of the right-wing supporters as they have been mocking her on social media. 

After bracing up the repeated insults and mocks, Arya has decided to hit back the BJP councillor and give her response to such criticisms. Breaking her silence at the council meeting that was held at the corporation on June 17, Arya had flayed Karamana Ajith. She said, "Let me tell you something. Since the past six months, there have been several criticisms that you (Ajith) have raised. Not only you, anyone in this council can say anything here that is justifiable." 

She said, "All of you have criticized me personally many times for my age and maturity. But now, I'm forced to tell you this. Even today, some members here had passed such remarks. Let me tell you clearly, if I have become a Mayor at this age, I know exactly how to work accordingly and I can tell you with pride that I grew up through such a system." 

"If I show you the comments of your followers, including those of the younger generation, the slandering comments they post on Facebook and WhatsApp, you will remember that this Mayor is also like sisters and mothers at home", Mayor Arya added. While she was addressing, some of the opposition members had shouted at her. However, she continued to speak and asked them to allow her to speak.

She said, "Whoever insults a woman, it is bad. Even if that is by calling them an LKG child or by naming them as was seen here, you should understand first that you will only get back what you give". She further added that no one should personally insult anyone inside the council and she said, "I have come from such an institution which has empowered me to do this." 

CPI(M) leader Thomas Isaac had posted Arya's speech on Twitter and said, "Ms Arya Rajendran of Thiruvananthapuram (CPI(M) is the youngest Mayor in India. The BJP the main opposition in the Council has been running a personal vilification campaign against the young Mayor taunting her age and gender. Hear her response in the council the other day." The video of her response has been going viral with many welcoming her speech for hitting out at the mockers.