Instagram Threads: Explaining Meta's mega application that has become a huge blow to Musk's Twitter!

In the midst of controversial overhauls in Twitter that were rolled out by its chief Elon Musk, the Tweeple has got a new window to escape the limitations imposed by Musk and it has come from the fortress of social media giant, Meta. In the wake of Musk's tumult leadership in Twitter, Meta's new application has sparked a global attention as it has been labelled as the counter measure to the micro blogging site. 

Named as 'Threads', this Meta-led application is seen as a rival to Twitter and the new release from Meta is akin to its already-owned Instagram and Threads is built with the components to expand the Instagram world. The application was launched on Thursdsy and from the moment Threads was launched, it has received an extraordinary reception from across the globe as it appears that the Twitter users are moving for a new exploration.

In an official statement, Meta said, "Our vision with Threads is to take what Instagram does best and expand that to text, creating a positive and creative space to express your ideas." Based on Instagram's account system, Threads application allows users to share text updates, post links, reply or report messages, and join public conversations. Let's take look at the key features of Threads, 

Explaining Instagram Threads

Akin to the design of Instagram, the users of Threads can follow and connect with friends and creators. The Instagram users can also directly and quickly import their details to Threads and they can also include the people they already follow on Instagram. At a time when Musk is restricting the viewership for the free Twitter account users with the view of increasing his model of subscription, Threads has opened the gate to a larger group of Twitter users who are already started to migrate to this new application. 

Threads has been considered as the direct competitor of Twitter and it has been launched in more than hundred countries for both Android and iOS users. Recently, Twitter has limited the number of tweets a user can access and the Musk-led company will also make the Twitter newsdeck accessible only to those who pay for Twitter blue subscription in the coming days. As the clampdown from Musk has been surging in Twitter, Threads has become the new option for the users. 

It is pertinent to note that Threads has been launched when Musk's leadership is backfiring against Twitter. It has been reported that the micro-blogging site is struggling to make revenues. Twitter's US advertising revenue in April had plummeted 59 per cent from the year earlier. The downfall has been apparent when Musk has been claiming that Twitter's graph is booming. 

According to BBC, the posts on Threads can be shared to Instagram and vice versa and they also can include links, photos, and videos of up to five minutes in length - in normal Twitter account, one can send a video with two minutes in length. In Threads, unfollowing, blocking, restricting or reporting other profiles is also possible and any accounts users block on Instagram will automatically be blocked on Threads. 

Meta has mentioned Threads as an initial version and that the company is planning to instill more features including the ability to interact with people on other social media platforms. Meta has said that though Threads is a standalone application, users can log in using an Instagram account and their Instagram username would be carried over to Threads and there is also an option to customize their profile specifically for Threads. 

Top features of Threads

  • A post on Threads can carry 500 characters and it can include links, photos, and videos with maximum length of five minutes
  • The users can share their Threads post on their Instagram story 
  • The user's feed on Threads will include threads posted by people they follow and some recommended content 
  • The post on Threads can also be shared as a link on any other platform 
  • The users can control who can mention them or reply within Threads
  •  As in Instagram, the users on Threads can add hidden words to filter out replies to the threads