IPL and Biryani...How the lovely combo became a great feast for cricket fans? Swiggy reveals!

Indian Premier League (IPL) and Indians are inseparable, so are the Indians and biryani. Be it online and on the field, the love for biryani among Indians are as visible as the sky. Biryani has been the favourite food for Indians for more years and how could it have a less attraction when their favourite cricket teams of IPL had an uphill battle. 

IPL has culminated to be the greatest sporting event in India and whenever it comes to action every year, it would be the talk of the nation and this year, it appears that Indians had talks about the match by sharing biryani. As the IPL 2023 season paced up, the order for biryani had also increased to a scale that it perhaps became that there is no watching IPL without biryani. 

Millions of Indians across the country spent their evenings for the past two months largely by watching the IPL matches at their homes. Who would love to cook and to miss a thrilling action between their favourite teams? They instead opted for plan B to order food online and there could be no second plan when it came to ordering biryani. The lovely combo of IPL and Biryani had a huge hit this year, based on a report from food delivery platform, Swiggy. 

When MS Dhoni-led Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Hardik Pandya-led Gujarat Titans (GT) battled for the summit clash in the finals of IPL 2023 on May 29, Swiggy revealed that biryani has won the trophy for the most ordered food item this IPL season. Hmm! IPL and Biryani truly was a great feast for the cricket fans across the country. Seemingly, there were over 200 orders for biryani for each ball in the game. 

And what would be the total numbers? It's 12 million orders of biryani. Swiggy took to Twitter on May 29 and wrote, "biryani wins the trophy for the most ordered food item this season with over 12 million orders at 212 BPM (biryani per minute)." When CSK gave a good start in the chasing during the finals, Swiggy further wrote, "chennai ordered 3641 and 721 units of dahi (curd) and shakkar (sugar) from Swiggy Instamart respectively! the start was great, hope they finish it well." 

Eventually, CSK won the finals and lifted the trophy for the fifth time. It was another feather in Dhoni's cap as the ardent fans of CSK are over the moon for winning the title and also for Dhoni's remarks that he is delaying his retirement from IPL and he would play one more season with CSK for the love and affection from the fans.