Iran Hijab issue racing up: 31 people killed in the protest so far! What really happened?


(This article is authored by Alar)

Iran's turmoil over the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old who was tortured to death by police after being arrested for improperly donning a hijab. The protest against the hijab is becoming more vocal and is now reaching out to other countries as it intensifies in Iran. According to the reports, 31 people have died in Iran's clashes between protesters and security forces, so far.

Iran strictly enforces its dress code for women. Women who disobey the hijab regulations face harsh punishment. From the age of nine, hijabs are required for girls in this nation. To monitor religious rituals, daily prayers, and wearing hijab properly, the police have established a separate "Cultural Unit" to keep an eye on this. Additionally, they will keep an eye out for actions that violate Islamic religious principles and detain those responsibly.

Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian Kurdistani woman, was tortured while in custody after being detained by Iran's police last week, for wearing hijab improperly, according to reports in the media. She passed away three days later on 16th September. Masha, according to the Iranian police, passed away from a heart attack. Anger over issues such as freedom and rights in the Islamic Republic was released as a result of her death. the Guards stated in a press release, "We have requested the judiciary to identify those who spread false news and rumours on social media as well as on the street and who endanger the psychological safety of society and to deal with them decisively."

In this instance, demonstrations in support of Masha Amini have broken out across Iran. "The people of Iran have come to the streets to achieve their fundamental rights and human dignity... and the government is responding to their peaceful protest with bullets," Iran Human Rights (IHR) director Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam said in a statement, publishing a toll after six days of protests.

IHR added that Tabriz, a major northeastern city, encountered its first protest-related fatality. There were six fatalities in Babol and eleven in Amol, both in the northern Caspian Sea province of Mazandaran. According to Iran Human Rights (IHR), there were reportedly 17 fatalities on Wednesday night; however, by Thursday, an NGO with offices in Oslo reported that there had been 31 deaths.

Since September 18th, women have been protesting the hijab across the nation. The protest against the hijab is spreading to other nations as it grows in intensity in Iran. In solidarity with the Iranian women's protest against the hijab, Muslim women in Turkey are also staging demonstrations, and Canada also joins with the protest.