"It is important for girl children" Selvaraghavan opens about his upcoming flick Bakasuran

(This article is authored by Alar)

Films like Saani Kaayidham, Beast proved Selvaraghavan's prowess as an actor  adding to his powerful filmmaker in Kollywood.  Now  he'll be bringing the lead role in his next movie, "Bakasuran," which will be opened in theatres by tomorrow on February 17. The film is directed by Mohan G and fixates on significant social issues.

In a recent interview with a popular media outlet, Selvaraghavan discussed his part in the film and praised its dramatic tension. The actor also discussed his daughter and the importance of sex education for children. In the words of Selvaraghavn "Being a father to a girl can be frightening. Feeling scared is completely normal. Gender is irrelevant. I don't care what she thinks or believes as long as she's happy with her life and her surroundings. If she wants something to happen, it should. The bond between a father and a daughter is the most precious of all relationships."

When asked about his experience working with the ideological filmmaker Mohan G, who is well-known for controversial works, Selvaraghavan responded, "Basically, he makes movies at his desire. It is not only unnecessary, but also recommended, to avoid seeing any of his previous films. The movies aren't here. We should move on and learn about all of the magic in movies. But now we're actually falling behind." ‘Mohan G.'s previous films, "Draupadi" and "Rudra Thandavam," both of which he directed, have gotten a lot of negative feedback, to date.

The plot of the movie appears to center on some young girls from the village who are either compelled or captivated into prostitution, and when illicit rises, police intervene. Natty Nataraj takes on the role of the investigating cop. It's worth noting that the film to clash with his brother and actor Dhanush's Vaathi and it will be the first time to witness the brothers to lock horns on screens with their actorials.

Radha Ravi, Rajan K, Rams, and Saravanan Subbiah are just a few of the other actors who significantly played pivotal roles in the film. Film editing was handled by Devaraj S, and cinematography was done by Farook J Basha. Mirattal Selva is responsible for the action sequence choreography, while Johny is responsible for the dance choreography and Sam CS provided the musical score.