'It is an insult to the people': MK Stalin slams Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi!

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin has on Monday - April 18 said that the conduct of Governor RN Ravi in not forwarding the NEET exemption Bill to the President is insulting the people. Stalin's latest remarks against the Governor have come days after the Tamil Nadu government had boycotted the tea party organized by Ravi at the Raj Bhavan on April 14 during the occasion of Tamil New Year. 

The Chief Minister further said that an all-party meeting will be organized later based on the requirement after reviewing the progress taken by the Governor in forwarding the NEET exemption Bill to the President. Speaking at the assembly on Monday, MK Stalin highlighted that it is been 70 days since the legislative assembly has sent the Bill a second time to the Governor after he had returned the bill to the assembly during the first attempt. 

The assembly has sent the bill back to the Governor for his reconsideration and as per the constitutional mandate, a Governor must send the bill to the President if it is sent to him for the second time from the assembly. In view of that, Ravi has no option than sending the bill to the President. However, the Governor has no timeline as to when he should send the Bill to the President. As RN Ravi didn't divulge when he will be sending the Bill to Delhi, the DMK has been protesting against him. 

Ravi's idling approach towards the Bill was a major reason why the Tamil Nadu government has decided to boycott the tea party. Besides DMK, its allied parties had also boycotted the tea party that was attended by the BJP, ADMK, and PMK. Earlier, MK Stalin said that it would be inappropriate to attend the event hosted at Raj Bhavan, where the collective will of the society, as well as the state Legislative Assembly, have not been given due regard.

Reacting further to the boycott of the tea party, MK Stalin said that participating in the tea party would be an insult to about 7.5 crore people of the state as the NEET exemption Bill reflects the views of the people and the Bill has been resting before the Governor without any attention. On Monday, the Chief Minister noted that the Governor should forward the Bill to the President and not forwarding it is against the assembly.

MK Stalin had further added that the Governor's conduct of not sending the Bill is also disrespecting the Tamil Nadu people. On the other hand, Stalin has asserted that he doesn't have any personal foe with the Governor. The Chief Minister said, "He (Governor) is a nice person and he gives un immense respect. As a Governor, we are giving appropriate respect to that position."