'It pains me, don't they have women in their homes?': Bharathiraja voices against the upcoming Tamil movie!

Reputed Tamil director Bharathiraja has penned a scathing letter against the upcoming adult horror- comedy movie 'Irandam Kuthu', hours after the teaser of the movie was released. The teaser has sparked major controversy over its storyline, which is the second version of 'Iruttu Arayil Murattu Kuthu', which was released in 2018. 

The teaser of Irandam Kuthu was released on October 7 and following the release, Bharathiraja has penned a scathing letter by taking a jibe against the movie team and said that it was unbearable for him to watch the teaser and urged the government and the censor board to tight its measures to prevent such movies from getting released. 

In his letter that he released on Twitter, he said that such vulgarity is not becoming of Tamil Cinema. He stated that "Cinema has been a nest built by several artists. I'm deeply pained to see with the agony that how it has been destroyed under the guise of business. Cinema is also the business but it pains me to know that it has come down to using a banana as a symbol and taking it to people with a distasteful meaning". 


By indicating the team of 'Irandam Kuthu', Bharathiraja asked, "Don't they have women in their homes? Won't their women condemn this?. The director said, "I don't care whether they condemn this, being one of the veterans, I will condemn this and I will condemn that such pornography movies won't fit for Tamil cinema and I urge the government and the censor board to tight its hands against such movies".  

He added that I'm not someone who cries that this is derogatory to culture. I feel that we must protect the dignity of the house". The director ended the letter by appealing not to showcase such movies that go against social standards. By citing that awful prevalence of violence against women, Bharathiraja said that people should realize that such films and thoughts only keep the trash on the plate".

The teaser has shown that the movie has been cooked with the contents that may lead to appalling thoughts. Directed by Santhosh Jaikumar, 'Irandam Kuthu' is starred by actors VJ Sha Ra, Motta Rajendran, Daniel Pope, Akriti Singh, and Meenal. The director himself had acted in the movie, making his debut in acting. The first version 'Iruttu Arayil Murattu Kuthu' was also directed by Santhosh Jaikumar and it was starred by Gautam Karthik, Yaashika Anand, VJ Sha Ra, Vaibhavi Shandilya, and Chandrika Ravi. 

The teaser of 'Irandam Kuthu' had received mixed reactions from the viewers and after Bharathiraja penned a scathing letter, director Santhosh Jaikumar asked back the veteran by posting a picture from the movie 'Tik Tik Tik', directed by Bharathiraja. The picture 1981 released movie has Kamal Haasan with three actress standing in bikini dress next to him. By posting the picture, Santhosh Jaikumar asked Bharathiraja that his eyes, that didn't get disturbed by seeing this picture, has got disturbed by seeing the teaser?