'It is a social evil': Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan's strong statement against dowry!

Exactly a day after the shocking death of 24-year-old Vismaya, who committed suicide at her husband's residence in Kollam district of Kerala due to the torture for dowry from her husband, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has issued a strong statement against dowry by calling it a social evil and everyone should deal with dowry and domestic violence with this perspective. 

While addressing the reporters, Pinarayi Vijayan said, "Torture and death in the name of dowry have been happening across the country and to become a place like that doesn't befit the cultural enlightenment that the state has acquired. This is completely regrettable, and it's something that won't befit our land." "The criterion for a family's dignity shouldn't be what and how much was given to a bride. People who think in this way must keep in mind that they are making their children for sale", the Chief Minister added. 

He further said, "It has been six decades since the country has legally banned the dowry system but it still has been given and accepted in various forms. This is a social evil and we should deal with dowry and domestic violence with this perspective. We must take a stern stand on this no matter of the bride's and groom's family". He highlighted that there should be no thinking that manhood is beating up women and womanhood is tolerating and forgiving. 

He further pressed the parents not to pass such awful thoughts to children and noted that society now needs new thoughts on gender equality and the government will carry out the measures to incorporate anti-dowry lessons in the educational system. Pinarayi Vijayan said, "We must build up a generation of high knowledge and ability and it's the responsibility of all of us to ensure that there is no place for inequality." 

He said that the basics should begin from homes and men's families shouldn't degrade marriages as a contract for trade. He added, "The parents must realize that discussions in this direction in homes would have a huge impact on the children. Men shouldn't be made to think it's their right to get dowry from women's families and likewise, the thought to tolerate any kind of mental and physical harassment shouldn't be put on women. Both of these are reflections of patriarchal thought."

24-year-old Vismaya was found hanging at her husband Kiran's house in the wee hours of Monday. Vismaya was harassed by her husband and she was found hanging at her husband's residence in Kollam, days after she told her close relatives through WhatsApp that she was tortured by her husband. According to reports, the couple got married in May last year, and Vismaya's father Trivikraman Nair had given a new car costing Rs 11 lakh, 1.25 acre of land, and 100 sovereigns of gold to Kiran as dowry at the time of marriage. 

However, Kiran was unhappy with the dowry and began harassing Vismaya by saying that he needs more. He started to torture her in his residence for several weeks following which Vismaya had taken an extreme step of committing suicide. The police had on Tuesday arrested Kiran on charges related to dowry death. Kiran was an assistant vehicle inspector with the state transport department and the police had booked a case against him under section 304 (B) - dowry death of IPC and arrested him, post which a local court had remanded him in judicial custody. 

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