'It will be a big positive for me': MS Dhoni opens up about his fitness!

When a cricketer gets close to 40 years, he would usually be surfaced with a question on the retirement, and when Dhoni announced his retirement from international cricket last year, he didn't escape from a question of his retirement from the Indian Premier League, the only cricketing format that he plays currently where he leads one of the successful teams Chennai Super Kings. 

Dhoni was revolving around the speculations that he would be retiring from the IPL after the current season. For Dhoni fans, it was indeed a saddening development where their favorite cricketer and legendary Indian captain has been put under the question of retirement. However, the Chief of the CSK has asserted that there is no room for Dhoni's retirement currently and he will lead the team in the next season as well. 

Amid the assertion from the CSK's Chief, Dhoni has been shouldered by a question of doubting his fitness as he gets old. People have taken his likely-flawed batting style as the prospect to shoot the question of his fitness. For all those people who doubted Dhoni's fitness, Monday's match against the Rajasthan Royals was the answer where Dhoni opened up on such skepticisms over his fitness. 

While his full-stretch dive to avoid run out on Monday's match was one of his answers, his statement at the post-match presentation ceremony was the other to shut down the mouth that calls him unfit. Dhoni said that it is hard to keep up with young players in the squad but it will be a big positive for him if he is not pointed out over his fitness. 

The 39-year-old skipper said, "When you are playing, you don't really want anyone to say he's unfit. Performances are something that's not guaranteed". He further appealed to the people not to call him unfit. He said, "I wasn't guaranteeing performances when I was 24, I can't guarantee when I am 40, but at least if people can't point finger at me that he's unfit then that will be a big positive for me. I have to keep up with the younger guys, they are very fast, it's good to challenge them." 

Talking about the match, Dhoni said, "I always look at what's the best at that point of time. I felt that Sam bowled really well and Deepak, I think he tried the knuckleball too much and felt that a good start was important. It was spinning a bit, I don't really mind Jos (Buttler) playing the reverse where it's turning a bit". "It's important to have that sixth bowler, it always helps and it was stopping a bit for spinners. There was slightly less dew than usual. I felt we should have scored more and try to get as many as possible. A lot has changed over the years and right from the start, we kept a very good atmosphere and a lot of the bowlers have been under the pump last year but this time they are enjoying bowling on these wickets", Dhoni added. 

The Chennai Super Kings had registered their second victory in three matches, by defeating the Rajasthan Royals by 45 runs, and it was indeed a good start for the CSK and for his splendid performances in bat and ball. Dhoni's team has ascended to the second spot on the IPL points table behind the Royal Challengers Bangalore. The CSK are reviving back strongly in all the corridors of cricket and the team will be clashing with the Kolkata Knight Riders on Wednesday (April 21).