'It will happen in 2024 or 2026': A dream from TN BJP President Annamalai!

BJP has retained the reign in four states through recording landslide victories while facing a debacle in Punjab. Out of five states, BJP has won in four - Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa, and Manipur. The thumping triumph has brought pan India celebrations among the party's cadres and it has poured a good advantage for the party to beat tough races in the 2024 Lok Sabha polls. 

Besides celebrations, BJP's victory has also sparked a potential effect in the non-BJP ruling states including Tamil Nadu where the party now claims that the BJP will rule the state. The BJP leaders in Tamil Nadu had celebrated the party's victory by distributing sweets in Chennai and state BJP President Annamalai has expressed his dream that the BJP will rule Tamil Nadu and it will happen either in the 2024 Lok Sabha polls or in the 2026 assembly polls.

Annamalai said that BJP has created history in Uttar Pradesh by winning the second term consecutively for the first time in 33 years. He said that the victory was made possible by the people welfare schemes of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and asserted that the BJP will also come to power in the two Congress-ruling states (Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh) soon. BJP will form the government in Tamil Nadu like Goa and Manipur in the Lok Sabha or assembly polls. 

He further said that the party's victory in the state serves as a testimony of Prime Minister Modi's governance. By citing his confidence in people's trust in BJP, he stated, "People have again shown their support to the BJP." He highlighted, "In Manipur, we were below half in 2014 and now we are going to sit as the single majority." He also said that the victory in Uttar Pradesh is the happiest.