'It will happen under my leadership': Kamal Haasan after admitting talks with DMK!

Tamil Nadu is fast approaching the unprecedented legislative polls as in the midst of the absence of political giants Karunanidhi and Jayalalithaa, the political parties in the state are helming towards the power and hoping to settle at least by enjoying a political breakthrough. While the decades-old Dravidian parties are chalking out the alliance and seat-sharing with the national parties, the months-old parties are surfaced with the speculations of building the third front. 

Among the months-old parties is Kamal Haasan's 'Makkal Needhi Maiam', which is preparing for its first legislative election since its inception. Though the political party of the actor turned politician had contested in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, the real test for the party lies in the upcoming legislative assembly polls as Kamal Haasan has asserted that he will contest independently. The actor is hopeful that a third front may emerge under his party. 

On Sunday, Kamal Haasan said that the situation looks conducive for a third front and it will likely happen under his leadership for the assembly polls. By citing that the third front may happen very soon, Kamal Haasan had admitted that there were talks with the DMK for the alliance. The actor turned politician said that the talks with the DMK had happened at the lower level but the DMK leadership did not reach out to him directly. 

In what has become an open admission, he said that the talks with DMK were to explore the possibility of an alliance and he dismissed that the talks have happened at the lower level. He said, "People were talking. No one reached out to me directly. That is what will count. Messengers do not matter. Their leadership (DMK) did not talk to me", and concluded by emphasizing that he is ready for the talks of the alliance. 

According to reports, Kamal Haasan didn't rule out the possibilities of an alliance with DMK and he also said what he discussed with his friend Rajinikanth during the meeting on Saturday. Kamal Haasan has met Rajinikanth on Saturday at the latter's residence in Poes Garden, Chennai, and their meeting had lasted for around 45 minutes during which it was speculated that they had discussed health and politics. 

Kamal Haasan had opened up for the first time on his meeting with Rajinikanth. He said that he didn't discuss politics with Rajinikanth but enquired about each other's health. Kamal Haasan asserted that he did not ask for Rajini's support for the upcoming polls as Rajinikanth had said no to politics. It must be noted that, earlier when Rajinikanth said that he will not enter politics, Kamal Haasan had expressed his disappointment on his friend's decision and said he will seek his support for his political party. 

Addressing his party functionaries at a gathering organized to mark the fourth year of his party, Kamal Haasan asked the members to work hard to capture power after the assembly poll. He said, "We have to capture power this time. Have that self-confidence, and sitting in the opposition is not an option". Going hard on both ADMK and DMK, Kamal Haasan said both the parties are indulging in the blame game.

Kamal Haasan was the first-in-line political leader who started the campaign for the upcoming polls, much ahead of the Dravidian parties. When both the ADMK and DMK were planning their campaign tours, Kamal Haasan had completed his first round of tours and he has had an extensive campaign trail in a rousing welcome across the state. 

Makkal Needhi Maiam had contested in the elections for the first time in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls. Kamal's party contested in 37 of 39 seats and got 1,613,708 votes. Though it had failed to win at least one seat, the party's vote share stood at 0.26%. Recently, the general body of the party had chosen Kamal Haasan as the party's Chief Ministerial candidate for the upcoming polls, and the leaders have given him the power to decide the alliance.