'It would never happen if he fails now': New tension for Rajinikanth from his own circle!

Tamil Nadu is just months ahead for the 2021 legislative elections and the political parties are under watch across the state as they are preparing to hit the campaign trail to take on their rivals. With the political debates making headlines and spotlights, the expectation of when Actor and political hopeful Rajinikanth would enter politics has again found the space for debate. 

The fans of the actor and members of his outfit Rajini Makkal Mandram have been eyeing for his political entry for many years and as the election is nearing the state, the speculation has gone high that the actor will be launching his political party in November. The episodes of such speculations aren't new and the actor is yet to give confirmation on launching the party, leaving for the rise of much more speculations. 

Amid such speculations, the members of the Rajini Makkal Mandram in Vellore district have signaled that their long-wait won't last for a long time as they have pasted the posters for calling their favorite actor to the politics when the latter has let everyone to keep guessing on his entry. The posters read, "If not now, then never", as the members of the outfit had seemingly come to the conclusion that his political incarnation would never happen if he fails to flag his politics during the upcoming legislative polls. 

The poster read, "there will be political change and change in government if people thinking about the political change and the leader who thinks about the people come together. If not now, then never". Besides being an actor, Rajinikanth has been swirled with debates and speculations on his political entry. Though his political stint has been spoken for decades, it sharpened the debate when he asserted his political entry on December 31, 2017. 

On the grounds of Dravidian politics, he spelled new propaganda of 'spiritual politics'. He then went on to convert his fan club as his political outfit by renaming it as Rajini Makkal Mandram. However, he has then gone silent with no visible move to launch his political party, leaving his fans and members of the outfit to keep waiting and guessing. He neither contested in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls nor endorsed or supported any other political parties. 

Earlier this March, he convened a press meet during which it was speculated that he would launch the political party. With no surprise, he kept the game alive after stating that he would launch the party after the birth of the political revolution in the state. By claiming that he would not be the Chief Ministerial Candidate for his party, he said he will be the party chief and endorse someone who is educated and working for the welfare of people. 

Following the event, the fans and the members took shock with them after the actor and political hopeful hadn't affirmed his political entry. With the speculations that he is waiting for the pandemic to end before launching his political party, there has been no confirmation from the actor and the recent poster from Vellore had signaled that the actor would never be able to bring the change if he decides to keep the suspense on his politics in the 2021 assembly polls, levying new tensions for the superstar.