'It's been 32 years...but': Anbumani Ramadoss woes as he aims to put PMK in power in 2026!

PMK leader Anbumani Ramadoss has on Monday gone worried that it's been 32 years since PMK was launched, but the party didn't reign the state. In his bid to woo the support from the Tamil Nadu people for the party, Anbumani has woed that the party wasn't able to grab the power. He went on to attack the Dravidian majors and asked why can't some other party, other than the Dravidian parties, can rule the state.

Anbumani Ramadoss was addressing the party's event in the Villupuram district that was organized on Monday - May 1, on the occasion of the labours day. He has been addressing the general body meeting of the district units across the state with the aim of reviving the party's base to win the next assembly polls in Tamil Nadu, due in 2026. 

While addressing the event, he said, "The people have decided. The two major parties have been consistently ruling Tamil Nadu for the past 55 years, which is more than a half-century. Why can't some other party rule? No one has the competency to rule the state apart from these two parties? In what competency we are less than the Dravidian parties. We have all the qualities. We have the action plan and have crores of young people unlike in any other party. Youngsters are our big strengths."

He further said, "What is upsetting me is that the DMK came to power in 18 years since it was launched. ADMK came to power in five years since it was launched. It's been 32 years since PMK was launched, but we can't be able to come to power. I have a big disappointment in this regard. We have an action plan for Tamil Nadu for the next ten years and even for fifty years. I have no interest in any post. You have made me the Union Minister and sent me to Delhi at the age of 35. So, I have no interest in any post and my ultimate motive is you all must develop and Tamil Nadu must develop." 

Labelling his plan of reviving the party as PMK 2.0, he had urged the office bearers in each district to ensure there is a PMK party flag in each district. Earlier, while speaking in Krishnagiri, Anbumani said, "If we implement the ideas and suggestions of Ayya (Dr S Ramadoss), we would definitely form the government in the state in 2026." "You must not do politics using the phone...you must be on the ground", he added.