'It's not true': DMK MLA opens up the reason why she has been hospitalized!

A day after getting hospitalized due to consuming more sleeping pills in what was called as a suicide attempt, DMK MLA Poongothai Aladi Aruna has spoken about the reason for her hospitalization in which she had dispelled the reports that she had consumed sleeping pills to commit suicide due to the internal political dispute and family feud. 

Poongothai has been serving as DMK legislator in the current assembly representing the Alangulam constituency in Tenkasi district. She had participated in a party meeting held at Kadayam in Tenkasi on Wednesday evening in which she was said to have faced disappointing moments after some of the party members had picked up an argument with her on her method of functioning. 

The reports say that some of the party members had directly questioned her for not visiting two bereaved families of party functionaries in the area where she got a decent number of votes when she won the constituency in the 2016 assembly polls. A video that was taken in the meeting was widely spread on social media in which the legislator was sitting on the floor. 

Poongothai was not given a seat on the stage and she was instructed to sit along with the members and booth agents. As a sign of refusal, she sat on the floor. The video further showed that she was falling at the feet of the partymen during the meeting. However, when the meeting had seen a heated war of words, Poongothai, one of the important party legislators, had left the meeting and returned home. 

She was said to have endured disappointment from the meeting which, the reports say, could have driven her to consume more sleeping pills. Poongothai was found unconscious by a relative in the house where she was staying at Alangulam. She was then rushed to a private hospital in Tirunelveli district and when the incident made headlines, the party has been surfaced with controversies after the incident was dubbed to be happened due to the intra-party political fight.

Initially, she was admitted to Shifa hospital in Tirunelveli, and on Friday, she was taken to Chennai for higher treatments. While the intra-party political fight was blamed for her hospitalization, senior DMK leader RS Bharathi had asserted that there was no internal dispute within the party and he negated the allegations that the internal dispute was the reason for her hospitalization. Some reports said that there has been a family feud between her and her brother, who is also a member of DMK. 

Amid such developments, Poongothai has now opened up about her hospitalization. She said that reports about her suicide attempt aren't true and asserted that she suddenly went unconscious due to her illness and added that she has been getting treated in Chennai. Her statement has come at a high time when the opposition party has been surfaced with controversies and furor and the video that captured the quarrel between her and party members in the meeting has been widely shared. 

Poongathai has been one of the prominent women in the party and she had also served as a cabinet minister during DMK's Karunanidhi regime from 2009-2011. The reports say that the Tenkasi police department hasn't received any complaint concerning the incident and the police had assured action based on the complaint.