It's year of Biryani...Indians proved that love again! Check how it dominated 2020

Regardless of multiple episodes of lockdowns and restrictions, Indians have been tightly holding their love for biryani and the unfavorite year of 2020 has proved how biryani become their favorite and dominated the foodies across the nation during the challenging times, thanks to the food delivery executives for rendering the unhindered services across the roots and branches of the nation.

Food delivery giant 'Swiggy' had released its 'StatEATstics' report for the year in which it came to the revelation that biryani has emerged as the most ordered dish on Swiggy. Including the varieties like chicken, mutton, or vegetarian, biryani was ordered more than once every second in 2020. Titling its report as 'The World from Home (WFH), with the world confined at home for most of the year due to the pandemic, the food delivery giant said that it had delivered five times as many orders to 'Home' addresses while compared to the office addresses between January and March. 

In April and May, that number surged nine times as many Home orders against the work orders as the sequel of the unprecedented experiment of lockdown, that put millions into their residencies. With the closures of IT companies and various establishments, the employees had settled for the new normal of working online. The entire country was busy online through working, studying, and engaging with e-commerce sites to buy food and essentials. 

According to Swiggy's report, chicken biryani had topped the list as many Indians proved their love for chicken biryani. Following chicken biryani, masala dosa, panner butter masala, chicken fried rice, and garlic breadsticks were ranked consecutively, and apart from ordering this favorite line-up, Swiggy says many had ordered varieties of tea and coffee following their lunch. 

As the pandemic and restrictions had banned outdoor parties and celebrations, many Indians had celebrated their birthdays indoors and Swiggy had received a total of 6,56,174 birthday cakes were ordered and delivered during the lockdown. Along with the birthday cakes, Swiggy also delivered over 2 lakh orders of 'chaat' items, mostly 'Pani puris', during the restrictions. On the other hand, Bangalore has become the top city in Indian in terms of ordering food in 2020. 

While Bangalore topped the list with the most number of orders, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Delhi followed the electronic city by recording overwhelming Swiggy orders. Bangalore has also become the top city in giving tips to the delivery executives as the city gave more tips to the executives in India with Swiggy revealing that one Bangalore user gave Rs 5000 as a tip to the delivery executive. Apart from biryani, Bangalore users developed a new love for chocolate with one person ordering 391 units of chocolates. 

Chennai had seen a peculiar record in the earliest and late-night order of food as Swiggy's report said that one customer had ordered chicken noodles at 5 am in March and another customer ordered cheese fries at 4.59 am in February. Along with delivering food, Swiggy has also delivered groceries and essentials to the people during the lockdown. Swiggy had revealed that it had delivered 75,000 kilograms of onion, making it the most ordered item on its Instamart. 

Following Onion, Swiggy had delivered potatoes, bananas, coriander leaves, and milk and the food delivery giant had delivered over 1.6 lakh meal kits through Instamart. While Biryani, on one hand, many Indians had, on the other hand, concentrated their health and developing immunity due to the COVID-19 outbreak and they had preferred healthy food and to supply healthy food, Swiggy had launched 'HealthHub' in August to meet the healthy demand of such people. 

As per Swiggy's report, users in Delhi had ordered the healthiest meals while many users in Bangalore showed a high resolve to get healthy. Many users looked for healthy meals like high-protein khichdi, high-fiber idli, low-fat salads, vegan gravy, and keto-friendly sandwiches. Swiggy had also recorded a decent reception for its brand new Swiggy Genie, which is Swiggy's version of Dunzo and launched to offer pick up and drop off services. The report revealed that Bangalore, Mumbai, and Chennai had recorded the highest number of Genie orders. 

Many users used this virtual friend from availing services to emergencies. According to reports, parents had used Genie to collect new textbooks, homework diaries, and stationery from schools. Through this app, Swiggy had delivered 6000 book kits to students from specific schools that had partnered with the food delivery giant. Swiggy's report further revealed that Genie had received over 1,20,000 food-related services while some users had used the service to get the forgotten keys, jackets, spectacles, and chargers from their residences. 

According to Swiggy, the shortest delivery for Genie was a 600-meter distance in Bangalore where a user had called the service to exchange water can while the longest delivery was 39 kilometers in Kolkata for the delivery of a SIM card. There were users who used Genie to turn off a water pump at their residence while one user called Genie service to unlock the door after he got stuck inside his residence.