'Jobless people showing off power': Shocking post from actor Siddharth...Here's what happened!

Popular actor Siddharth has slammed the security personnel at the Madurai Airport for harassing his parents. Sharing a shocking post on social media, Siddharth angrily wrote, "Jobless people showing off power". After his post went viral, Madurai MP Venkatesan said that he has requested the airport to conduct an investigation into the allegations. 

Siddharth alleged that the security personnel made his parents remove coins from their bags and they repeateadly spoke to them in Hindi and went on to say that this is how it will be in India. Sharing an image from the airport as an Instagram story, Siddharth wrote, "Harassed for 20 mins at empty Madurai airport by CRPF." 

He further said, "They made my senior parents remove coins from their bags! And repeatedly talked to us in Hindi after being told to speak English. When we protested they said in India this is how it is. Jobless people showing off power." While the security in the airports is taken care by the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), it appears that the actor had mistakenly mentioned CRPF. 

As the issue has become serious after he shared about it, several people demanded action against the security personnel and as his post went viral, Madurai MP Venkatesan responded that he has requested the airport to probe the allegations. Venkatesan wrote, "I have requested the Airports Authority of India, Madurai Airport to conduct an enquiry into the allegations of actor Siddharth about the improper conduct of CISF personnel in Madurai airport who demanded to be spoken to in Hindi."