Karnataka elections: Majority of voters are angry with the BJP government...A look at the survey!

As Karnataka is preparing for crucial assembly polls in May, the opinion polls ahead of the voting have become the talk of the town as they predict that the ruling BJP would suffer a debacle and that the Congress will triumph in the election with a clear majority. Amidst the shocker for the saffron party, a survery has shown that the majority of voters in the state are angry with the BJP regime. 

An exclusive survey conducted by CVoter in Karnataka has revealed that around 57 per cent of the respondents are angry with the state government and expressed that they want a change of power. As per the survey, only 17 per cent of the voters say that they are happy with the BJP government and they wish that the party would retain its reign. 

Moreover, around 47 per cent of respondents have rated the government-led by Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai as poor. The survey has further shown that corruption has emerged as a major issue with the voters and headache for the BJP government after unemployment and infrastructure. It is pertinent to note that when BJP faced anti-incumbency wave some years before during the term of the current assembly, the then Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa was removed and one of his confidante, Basavaraj Bommai, had replaced him. 

However, the survey has revealed that the anti-incumbency wave has soared further in a fashion that it would shake the entire BJP regime in the upcoming elections. Karnataka will go for a crucial assembly poll in May and it will be the only southern state where both the national rivals, BJP and Congress, would lock horns directly. The state with 224 assembly constituencies will go for a single phase poll on May 10 and the results would be declared on May 13. The Election Commission has announced the election schedule for Karnataka on Wednesday - March 29 amidst a scorching political battle. 

According to the ABP News - CVoter survey, Congress will most likely win the Karnataka polls and will form a new government with clear majority. As per the survey, out of the total 224 seats, Congress is projected to win between 115 to 127 seats while BJP will eventually end up far below what the party has aimed. The saffron party has earlier asserted that it has aimed to win 150 seats but the survey has shown that the party can only able to secure 68 to 80 seats. 

The main regional party in the state, Janata Dal Secular - JD(S) can win 23 to 35 seats. The opinion polls had taken BJP aback amidst playing out its typical Hindutva vote bid and polarization with the Bommai government recently announcing the recovation of reservation for Muslims and awarded it to the most prominent communities in the state with the view of reaping their votes. However, the survey had shown the dissent against the BJP in the state and in the centre has been backfiring the party. 

Furthermore, the Congress party would secure 40.1% of votes, which is 2.1% increase while compared to the last elections while the BJP would witness a plummeting vote base from 36% to 34.7%. BJP's current strength in the assembly is 119 and if the results go by the prediction, it would loss over 30 seats. If BJP gets defeated in Karnataka, it will lose its only ruling state in South India.