"Kollywood should make more socio-political films"... Udhayanidhi Stalin says as his film Kannai Nambathey made its debut!

(This article is authored by Alar)

Udhayanidhi Stalin has bid adieu to cinema and has dedicated himself to serve the people through politics. As he has made one of his final appearance on the silver screen with his latest release ‘Kannai Nambathey’, which hit theatres today, on March 17, he expressed his views on Tamil cinema and said that Kollywood should make more socio-political films that address issues of politics and social equality in an interview with popular media outlet.

Kannai Nambathey marks Udhayanidhi's first multi-starrer, an exciting change for the retired actor and producer who has stepped into politics as the Minister of Sports in Tamil Nadu. While the move into politics has resulted in his exit from the film industry, the actor-turned-politician has expressed a strong desire for Tamil cinema to focus on socio-political movies in the future.

Udhayanidhi stated that earlier Tamil cinema used to revolve around politics and social equality. However, in recent years, films with such themes have become increasingly rare. He said, "Recently, we have seen filmmakers taking this genre up again. It is nice that the films become talking points. While entertainment continues to be the major pull, films are also being made with social responsibilityl"

Furthermore, Udhayanidhi spoke about his previous films, including 'Manithan,' 'Kalaga Thalaivan,' and 'Nenjuku Needhi,' stating that they aimed to bring social responsibility to individuals. He feels that Tamil cinema should continue to produce more movies with such themes. Udhayanidhi made his debut as a producer in 2008 with ‘Kuruvi’, starring Vijay and Trisha.

As for his upcoming projects, Udhayanidhi's final film 'Maamanan,' directed by Mari Selvaraj, is expected to release in theatres this year. He said,  "It is a very intense film. I remember shooting a scene with Sunil Reddy sir and Vadivelu sir, and someone asked Mari Selvaraj sir how a serious filmmaker like him is working with artists known for their comic talents,"

"Even Mari Selvaraj sir was initially skeptical about it because we were all quite jovial off the camera. However, he understood that making a serious film doesn’t really mean the sets should be so too. We had a lot of fun, but make no mistake, Maamannan will be a film to look out for,"