Title Tussle : Popular Producer accuses Vignesh Shivan of 'LIC' title infringement

(This article is authored by Alar)

Director-producer SS Kumaran has raised concerns over the unauthorized use of the title 'LIC' for Vignesh Shivan's upcoming film. Kumaran asserts that he registered the title in 2015 on behalf of Suma Pictures and accuses Shivan of disregarding small producers in the industry.

According to Kumaran, associates of Vignesh Shivan approached him seeking permission to use the 'LIC' title, a request that was denied. Despite the refusal, Shivan proceeded to use the title for his film, leading Kumaran to criticize Shivan's actions as authoritative. Kumaran has issued a warning, indicating that legal action will be pursued if Shivan persists in using the title without consent.

In the midst of this title dispute, the industry is abuzz with speculation about the fate of 'LIC' and its potential impact on the film's marketing and promotions. Vignesh Shivan's return to the director's chair, coupled with a promising cast and crew, has generated considerable excitement among cinephiles.

However, the legal wrangling over the title casts a shadow of uncertainty over the project. Film enthusiasts and industry insiders are observing how this clash will unfold and whether a resolution can be reached that satisfies both parties involved. The makers recently held pooja launch ceremony for 'LIC' featured Pradeep Ranganathan in the lead role, with Krithi Shetty as the female lead and SJ Suryah in a notable role.

The film's technical team includes renowned cinematographer Ravi Varman and editor Pradeep E Ragav. Lalit Kumar of Seven Screen Studio, known for backing Lokesh Kanagaraj's 'Leo,' is helming the production. As the industry awaits a resolution on the title dispute, it remains to be seen whether Vignesh Shivan's film will undergo a title change or if an amicable agreement will be reached between the director and SS Kumaran.