Major development in Thanjavur girl suicide case in TN...CBI files an FIR and begins the probe!

Weeks after the Madras High Court Madurai Bench has transferred the suicide case of a 17-year-old girl in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the latter has on Tuesday - February 15 filed an FIR in the case and officially started its probe. The FIR has come two days after the CBI had a clear go over the case from the Supreme Court. 

The FIR from the Central agency has become a major development in the case, that has met the intervention of political parties with the allegations that the girl has committed suicide after she was forced to convert her religion. 17-year-old Lavanya has died by suicide on January 19 and days before her death, a Hindutva leader has released a video claiming that Lavanya has alleged that she was forced to convert to Christianity. 

Lavanya was studying Class 12 at Sacred Hearts Higher Secondary School, located in Michaelpatti of Thanjavur. She has alleged that a nun at the hostel she was living at forced her to convert to Christianity. The Hindutva leader has taken four videos and of these four, the girl hasn't mentioned any religious torture from the school in three videos, which spurred a suspicion on whether the girl was made to speak that she was forced to convert religion. 

The Thanjavur police had earlier ruled out the possibility of religious conversion. However, following Lavanya's demise, her parents had filed a petition to the Madras High Court Madurai bench and sought a probe from the CBCID into their daughter's death. Based on their plea, the court has ordered to transfer the case to CBI and now, the Central agency has registered a case based on the Tamil Nadu police department's FIR and the CBI has named hostel warden Sagaya Mary as an accused in the case. 

Earlier, the Tamil Nadu Police had objected to the CBI probe into the case and approached the Supreme Court against it. However, the Supreme Court has on Monday - February 13 allowed CBI to continue its probe as per the High Court order.