Major shock for EPS...VK Sasikala speaks to former ADMK Minister!

Months after wrapping up a high-level political drama of quitting active politics, expelled ADMK leader VK Sasikala is busy directing fresh episodes of twists as she has been apparently displaying that she is ready for a political comeback and take over the party. While the current senior leaders of the party have strongly opposed her, she has been reaching out to the party cadres to know their minds and to earn their support after comeback.

The drama which begun a few days back has been involving the cadres across the state as its cast as Sasikala has spoken with dozens of cadres and with enquired about their health, she has also been asserting that she will come back to politics soon. The audio leaks had triggered fresh tensions in the party's current leadership which aims to barricade her entry and amid such developments, Sasikala had given a major shock to Edappadi Palaniswami, the party's joint coordinator and former Tamil Nau Chief Minister who enjoys a stronghold in the party. 

According to reports close to developments, Edappadi Palaniswami was shocked to learn that VK Sasiakal had spoken with a former ADMK Minister as part of her outreach for the political resurgence. The audio clips of her phone calls are being released by her supporters and in the audio clip that was surfaced on Wednesday, Sasikala is heard speaking to former minister Anandan and several ADMK functionaries. 

In a recording, Sasikala can be heard saying, "I have started speaking to all party cadres. I have been getting letters from a lot of people. I could not bear the pain of seeing the party getting collapsed. Leave your worry, I will come back very soon for the sake of the cadres. Good things will happen. We will build back the party like how it was during the times of Amma (J Jayalalithaa) after the demise of Thalaivar (MGR)."

She also had spoken to a senior leader on Thursday during which she reiterated that she will be making a political resurgence. The political observers have said that Sasikala hadn't decided to stay off from politics permanently, rather she had decided to watch the party's performances in the recently-held assembly polls. As the ADMK had faced a debacle under the current leadership, she had now decided to take over the party by proving that the party under Palaniswami is getting weakened. 

She has been accusing Palaniswami of ruining the party to her supporters in her close circle. She is determined to have a political breakthrough and earn unanimous support and solidarity from the party cadres in the party to comeback to politics. She has been planning to make a political comeback after the pandemic comes under control. 

On the other hand, ADMK stands on fractured legs to strongly barricade Sasikala's entry into the party. While Palaniswami and his supporters are echoing that there is no place for Sasikala in the party, Panneerselvam has been remaining unspoken about Sasikala's prospect of politics. Panneerselvam is thinking to support Sasikala to stop the growth of Palaniswami in the party.

As Panneerselvam's relationship with Palaniswami is getting sour, the sources say that the former Deputy Chief Minister has reached out to Sasikala through her close associates, during the lockdown. As the rift grows between Panneerselvam and Palaniswami amid the rise of Sasikala, the state is close to witnessing another episode of dispute in the party. However, the senior leaders of ADMK are ensuring that they maintain the same flow of remarks that the party is functioning well. 

Party's spokesperson and former minister D Jayakumar had dismissed Sasikala's entry into the party and asserted that the ADMK has remained strong and functioning well without Sasikala. He said, "Senior leaders of the party Palaniswami and KP Munusamyt have clarified this. The ADMK is functioning well without Sasikala. She and her family will not be admitted into the party again as decided already." In line with that, former ministers CV Shanmugam and KC Veeramani have reiterated that Sasikala won't be welcomed back to the party.