Married five men in 12 years and finally get caught: How Chennai police nabbed this weird woman?

For the Tambaram police in Chennai, a case that they are prosecuting is as rare as hen's teeth after they exhumed shocking facts from the investigation into the racket ran by a woman, who was arrested on Friday - December 2 based on a complaint from one of her husbands. She was caught when carrying out extortion to cheat more men. 

32-year-old Abinaya is a native of Madurai and in the last 12 years, she married five men by posing different masks and minds. She was staying in Tambaram and the police arrested her based on the complaint Natrajan, her fifth husband. Abinaya concealed her past history and went on to marry more men and cheated them by disappearing within months into their marriage. 

Upon the investigation, it came to light that Abinaya had stolen several sovereigns of gold jewelry and cash from each men and fled the place. The police had also apprehended Abinaya's second husband, 45-year-old Senthil Kumar, for greasing the wheels for Abinaya's cheating game. According to reports, police are continuing investigations as Abinaya had bought 32 SIM cards using her Aadhaar card. 

Abinaya was also using different numbers on social media and she went on to blackmail men based on the messages they sent to her. After cheating her four husbands, Abinaya had married Natrajan for the fifth time this August. Natrajan is a resident of Ranganathapuram in Tambaram after getting into a relationship with him while she was working with him in a bakery. 

Abinaya told Natrajan that she is an orphan and that she has no one to support her. Natrajan's parents conducted the marriage at a temple in Tambaram and the newly-wedded couple was living in a separate house. Before Diwali, when Natrajan went to a tailor shop to get her new clothes, Abinaya fled with 17 sovereigns of gold ornaments and Rs 20,000 in cash. 

After being shocked that he was cheated by Abinaya, Natrajan approached the police and lodged a complaint. The police launched a probe and began searching the accused woman. After the intense searching, the police have nabbed Abinaya on Friday and taken her into custody. During the investigation, Abinaya has confessed about her crimes. 

She said that she married Vijay in 2011 and had a child with him. She left Vijay in 2013 after stealing ten sovereigns of gold. Abinaya then married Senthil Kumar and they lived together for a long time. After fleecing Senthil Kumar, she came to Chennai and changed her name to Kayalveli to conceal their identity. In 2020, she married auto driver Panneerselvam of Kelambakkam and left him in six months. 

She then married another men, which was her fourth marriage, which didn't last long either. She again changed her name to Abinaya and started working in a bakery in Tambaram, where she met Natrajan. They fell in relationship and got married this August. When she cheated and fled from Natrajan's home ahead of Diwali, Natrajan has lodged a complaint with the police after which the cops nabbed her from a women's hostel in Semmancheri. 

Based on the questioning, Abinaya admitted that her second husband Senthil Kumar was aiding her in cheating other men. The police arrested Senthil Kumar from OMR and the duo has been remanded in the judicial custody. The police had further confiscated four sovereigns of gold from them.