Meet 105-year-old woman from Kerala who won COVID-19 battle: What we must learn from her?

As a ray of hope for the vulnerable and geriatric people in fighting the COVID-19 viral infection, a 105-year-old woman from Kerala has successfully battled and recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic in nine days and she has become one of the centenarians in the world to battle and get cured of the deadliest viral infection. 

Besides being a hope to fight the infection that has been haunting and threatening the lives, Asma Beevi (105) has also sent hope for the frontline workers and medical staff in not loosening their grips in the fight against the pandemic. Asma Beevi is a native of Kollam district and she was admitted to the government medical college in the district on July 20, after she developed symptoms of fever and cough and tested positive for the virus.  

Along with her, two of her family members had also tested positive and Asma Beevi had also shown difficulty in breathing. Asma Beevi was ought to battle her age-related ailments. According to the reports, she was contracted to the spread through her daughter and a team of medical staff was monitoring her health condition. 

She responded well to the treatment and she was discharged on Wednesday, nine days after getting admitted to the hospital as her rest results returned negative for the viral infection. The doctors have advised her to stay under home quarantine for seven days. 

The hospital said that her health was deteriorated initially and through her will power and the treatment, she came through the obstacle. The Superintendent of the medical college said that everyone at the hospital was happy to see that she has been discharged and returned home. 

She has shown a simple message that the people need to deal with the viral infection with the hope and they should refrain from getting worried or stressed. The Superintendent further stated that Asma Beevi had handled well that she has beaten the viral infection in nine days. The Superintendent further stated that she has set an example in dealing with the infection for those who resort to taking extreme steps after getting tested positive.

The centenarian was given a warm send-off from the hospital. Kerala Health Minister Shailaja has lauded the medical team for her treating her. According to the reports, Asma Beevi has become the oldest person in Kerala to survive the COVID-19 infection and the second oldest in India after a 106-year-old man in Delhi, and she was believed to be the third oldest survivor in the world after a 107-year-old Dutch woman, and a 106-year-old Delhi man.

Previously, a 93-year-old man and his 88-year-old wife have been the oldest survivors of COVID-19 in Kerala.

Watch the video: Courtesy - Pinarayi Vijayan