Meet Bharat Jain: The world's richest beggar in Mumbai who is worth Rs 7.5 crore...His fortunes will astonish you!

If you know the definition of a beggar, you might have to change it now as after reading the story of Bharat Jain, you will change your thinking that a beggar must be poor and struggles to win bread and that's why they are seeking alms in important places from temples to parks. Pause your imagination of how a normal begger would look like and wouldn't you be astonished to know that a beggar can earn more money than you and would have a luxurious life? 

Meet this beggar Bharat Jain, who is a standing example of being a luxurious beggar. If you see him in Mumbai, he would appear in an outfit of beggars, untidy clothes but you know what, Bharat Jain in the world's richest beggar and he still wants to beg to add more fortunes. Bharat Jain has turned begging as a lucrative profession and do you know how much he earns monthly? His monthly income is between Rs 60,000 to 75,000. 

Bharat Jain is said to have a net worth of Rs 7.5 crore, you read it right! He can be seen begging on the streets of Mumbai and his favourite locations are Chhatrapati Sivaji Terminus and Azad Maidan. Jain lives in a joint family and owns several properties in Mumbai, which is one of India's largest cities and the country's financial capital and it has been reported that he earned the fortunes through begging. 

                          File photo: Bharat Jain 


In the wake of financial distress, Jain was unable to pursue formal education and he is married and his family includes his wife, two sons, his brother, and his father. Jain's children had completed their studies successfully. Besides earning between Rs 60,000 to 75,000, Jain also owns a valuable two-bedroom flat in Mumbai worth Rs 1.2 crore and he also has two shops in Thane through which he earns a rent of Rs 30,000 from each shop. 

In an average, Bharat Jain earns Rs 2000 to Rs 2,500 per day within a span of ten hours. According to reports, Jain lives with his family comfortably in a 1 BHK duplex residence in Parel, Mumbai. While his children had attended a convent school, his brother is taking care of their stationery shop. Despite the advise from his family not to beg, Bharat Jain continues to seek alms on the streets of Mumbai.