Meet Hasnuram Ambedkari...The 74-year-old UP man who is going to contest in the election for the 94th time!

India's largest state Uttar Pradesh is inching closer to the crucial assembly polls and in its store of the election, the state has shelved a handful of stories that would shock, surprise, and stun us. As the nation is keenly watching the path of elections in Uttar Pradesh, a 75-year-old  Agra man has become the talk of the town for his weird milestone in achieving his vision. 

75-year-old Hasnuram Ambedkari, who is a former revenue department staff, is all set to contest the assembly polls, which will be his 94th time on the ballot. According to reports, Ambedkari has filed his nomination recently for the Uttar Pradesh assembly polls to contest in the election for the 94th time and he is driving through his vision of contesting in the election for 100 times regardless of victory or defeat. Unfortunately, Ambedkari hasn't won even a single election. 

He began contesting in the election in 1985 and since then, he has contested in all forms of elections but didn't win the race. For Ambedkari, who holds a weird history in the Indian elections, the race of contesting in elections has begun after he was refused the ticket from a party in the polls. In three years from now, Ambedkari will hit his fourth decade contesting the elections incessantly. 

Speaking to PTI, Ambedkari said that he quit his job as an Amin in 1985 in the district administration after he was promised a ticket from Fatehpur Sikri seat. However, during the election, the party has refused to provide the agreed seat and instead, it made fun of him. He said, "As I left my job, the party refused to give me the ticket and mocked me saying I would not be able to get a single vote in the election." 

He further said, "After that, I determined to contest the election independently to send them a message. I contested my first election from Fatehpur Sikri for the state assembly in 1985." In that election, he ended up the race at the third spot. "Since then, I have been contesting every election despite knowing that I would lose. I have contested and lost 93 elections", he added. He also claimed that he is a follower of Dr BR Ambedkar. 

He has contested elections from rural local bodies to Lok Sabha and he went on to file his nomination for the election of the President of India. However, his nomination was rejected. He said, "This year, I have bought nomination papers for the Agra Rural and Kheragarh constituencies. I will contest till the 100th election even if I lose." As his campaign to gain votes, he has been meeting the people personally and appealing to them to vote for him. 

"In elections, I spend money from my savings for campaigning. My family also supports me. My wife Shiva Devi and five sons are always with me to fulfil my dream", Ambedkari added. A farmer by profession, Ambedkari has got 36,000 votes in the 1989 Lok Sabha polls, which have become the highest number of votes he has ever earned throughout his life of contesting elections.