Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin's first speech at Legislative Assembly: Here's the excerpt you need to read!

(This article is authored by Alar)

On December 17 of the previous year, Udhayanidhi Stalin was sworn in as the Sports Minister for the Tamil Nadu. Nearly one month run of his assign, he gave his first speech in front of the cabinet. On January 9, 2023, the first meeting of the Legislative Assembly of this year had begun with an address from the Governor. Udhayanidhi Stalin gave his address at the gathering for the first time on the fourth day of the assembly during the question hour on 12th January, 2023.

Today, beginning at 10 a.m., Ministers of the Department are offering responses to questions that have been submitted by members. When Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin stood up to answer the Assembly for the very first time, the DMK members and ministers applauded and cheered enthusiastically. During the course of the discussion, Assembly Member Selvaraj posed a query concerning the development of a sports ground in Tirupur.

Responding to this, Sports Minister Udhayanidhi said, "A new district sports complex is being constructed at a cost of Rs. 18 crore in an area of ​​8 acres at Tirupur Chikkanna Government College. It will have an open-air sports hall for spectators, a gymnasium, a 400-meter athletics track, a football field, and tennis courts. , volleyball and basketball playing field facilities will be created,"

"Likewise, the construction work for the open ground is being carried out by the Public Works Department from November 2021. At present, 60 percent of the work has been completed. Work on the 1500-seat spectator dome has been completed and work is underway to complete the 400-metre athletics track, football field and volleyball pitch. These works will be completed and opened in April." he added.

As another point of discussion, it was brought up about the Kabaddi World Cup matches will be played in the state of Tamil Nadu. Minister Udhayanidhi provided a response to this by stating, "Steps will be taken to the notice of Chief Minister M.K.Stal to hold the World Cup Kabaddi matches in Tamil Nadu. Preparations for the 'Chief Minister's Cup', which includes traditional sports such as Kabaddi and Silambam, will be completed by June."