MK Alagiri's shocking statement: How the political dispute between brothers would trouble Stalin?

Exactly a day after he was surfaced with speculations about the launch of a new political party and talks with BJP, expelled DMK leader MK Alagiri, who is the elder son of late DMK President Karunanidhi, has on Tuesday negated such speculations and claimed that he is not in talks with BJP to join the alliance. 

Alagiri, the elder brother of MK Stalin, has also said that he hasn't taken any decision on launching his own political party before the 2021 assembly polls in the state. Speaking to multiple news agencies, Alagiri claimed that such speculations are rumors and stated that nobody from BJP is in touch with him and asked not to believe in rumors. The former Union minister added that he will make an announcement if he has decided about his politics. Speaking to a news agency, Alagiri said he's sure that the DMK will split soon after the 2021 assembly polls due to the prevailing lack of leadership and incessant intra-party fights and his statement had shocked the party ahead of the polls. 

Alagiri, who still holds a stronghold in Madurai and southern districts, has torched a new tension for DMK President MK Stalin, who has been hoping to take over the reign from the ADMK after a decade. With southern districts expected to give a boost for the DMK in the polls, the speculations that Alagiri would launch a political party had disturbed Stalin as his elder brother could collapse the party's base in Madurai and adjacent districts. 

However, Alagiri has now issued a denial that he is yet to decide on launching the political party and his denial has come when he was also speculated that he will be meeting Union Home Minister Amit Shah when the latter visits Chennai on November 21. Earlier on Tuesday, Tamil Nadu BJP President Murugan said that he will welcome Alagiri to join the Central ruling party. 

On Monday, the heated political grounds in Tamil Nadu had witnessed further fueling when Alagiri had occupied headlines with the speculations that he would be floating a new party and would be coaliting with the BJP-ADMK alliance ahead of the elections. The reports stated that Alagiri would be naming his political party as Kalaignar Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (KDMK). In what could be seen as the fresh political conflict between brothers, Alagiri's possible political resurgence could be irking Stalin, who is getting ready to face his first legislative elections as DMK President. 

The tussle between the brothers -Alagiri and Stalin began when the talks in the party emerged on who would be succeeding Karunanidhi and lead the party after him. The dispute between them was active for decades and Alagiri was suspended from the party in January 2014 when his father Karunanidhi was the party's president. However, Alagiri was completely expelled from the party in March 2014 for anti-party activities. 

Following that, Stalin had emerged as the successor for Karunanidhi and Stalin took over the party's leadership after the demise of his father. After his termination, Alagiri went to the silent mode and he was with Stalin when the brothers paid their last respects to their father Karunanidhi in 2018. Earlier, Alagiri said that he was ready to accept Stalin's leadership if he was admitted to the party again.

On the other hand, MK Stalin is not ready to permit Alagiri into the party to ensure that he holds the entire power in the party. As Stalin hopes to become the next Chief Minister, he is getting ready to face ADMK and take over the reign after a decade. But, as Alagiri prepares to unveil his politics, Stalin has been surfaced with questions that whether he is ready to meet the new challenges or he has plans to keep the party united under his full control. 

However, the political observers say that the fresh rival and the possible rise of Alagiri against Stalin and against DMK would cause a political storm in Stalin's bid to become a perfect successor for Karunanidhi beyond being his heir. As Alagiri could make his political entry after six years, it likely would adversely affect the DMK in its campaign as a strong and impeccable opposition in taking on the ruling ADMK. With Stalin's family had so far managed to barricade Alagiri's entry into the active politics, the speculations about the latter's move of launching a party and allying with the BJP could be troubling Stalin in fixing the intra-party furor and divide post Alagiri's resurgence.