MK Stalin's next major plan...Is he going to London?

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin has completed a successful national outreach this week through his Delhi tour by making it as both the state and political visit, which is his first one after becoming the Chief Minister. Stalin has visited Delhi on June 16 by carrying a slew of demands of the state government and agenda of meeting political leaders. 

MK Stalin has met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the first time after becoming the Chief Minister on June 17 at the latter's official residence at 7, Lok Kalyan Marg. MK Stalin's meeting with the Prime Minister had lasted for 30 minutes during which he had placed around 25 demands of the state government to Modi and urged him to pay heed to them. In what has become a crucial visit, Stalin's tour had drawn national attention. 

Some of his demands include the scrapping of the NEET exam, cancelling the hydrocarbon projects in Tamil Nadu, providing more COVID-19 vaccines to Tamil Nadu, releasing the outstanding GST dues to the state, and taking steps to establish AIIMS Hospital in Madurai. MK Stalin said that his meeting with the Prime Minister was constructive and sounded confident about Chennai's relationship with Delhi.

Following meeting the Prime Minister, Chief Minister MK Stalin has met Congress leaders Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. As DMK observes an alliance with the Congress, Stalin's meet had caught attention over building a coalition of opposition parties. Stalin has also reviewed the construction of DMK's office in Delhi and returned to Tamil Nadu on Friday. Exactly a day after completing his Delhi tour, our sources say that Stalin has been planning for another major tour - this time, to London. 

According to our sources, Stalin's London tour has been in the making and an official announcement is expected to come soon. Stalin's visit would be more crucial as it will come within months after assuming the office of the Chief Minister. The sources say that Stalin will be visiting the British capital to participate in the investors' summit where he will campaign to bring investments to the state. Meanwhile, on the other hand, Superstar Rajinikanth has on Saturday left Chennai to the United States for a medical checkup and he will be staying there for three weeks.