MP woman seeks TN Govt's protection from her mother's human sacrifice bid... Here's what happened

(This article is authored by Alar)

In a startling revelation, A woman who fled to Tamil Nadu because her stepmother intended to use her in a human sacrifice stated that she fears being taken to Bhopal by relatives with the assistance of RSS and ABVP members. The Madras High Court on Thursday ordered the police to provide adequate protection to a girl.

Shalini (23) indicates in her petition that Sudha Sharma is her foster mother. She is a member of the ABVP (the student wing of the BJP) from Bhopal. Sudha Sharma, her step mother, believed in witchcraft and superstitions. In the petition, it was stated that she had decided to sacrifice herself, and had already sacrificed her 10-year-old brother and two others.

Shalini also stated that she fled her home and arrived in Chennai on February 17 with the guidance of a friend named Dakshinamurthy, believing that Tamil Nadu is a safe place for women. She stated that she fears being taken against her will to Bhopal by her relatives with the assistance of RSS and ABVP members. "I am afraid that my family members and the ABVP workers will come and forcibly take me to Bhopal to conduct the ritual of human sacrifice of my life. My life is not safe," she said.

"I came to Tamil Nadu as I thought that this state is the safest place for women folk. I could not leave Tamil Nadu and go anywhere else. Hence, I made a request to the home secretary to give protection for my life. Since no action has been taken, I have been compelled to move the high court," she added.

Justice G Chandrasekharan of the Madras High Court recorded her submission and made an oral observation that "it is disheartening to hear the practice of human sacrifice is still prevalent even in the 21st century." The court then recorded his assertions, issued a notice to the girl's parents, and requested a status report from the Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh Police.

Hasan Mohammed Jinnah, the State Public Prosecutor (SPP), then informed the court that the government is prepared to provide her with the necessary protection. The Bhopal Police Commissioner demanded a report on Shalini's complaint and adjourned the case for three weeks.