'Mr Hitler, this is not Germany': Kamal Haasan scathingly attacks the Modi regime over this controversial order!

In the midst of the ongoing outcry from the opposition parties against the new set of unparliamentary words released by the Parliament secretariat where the parties slam the Centre for banning the common words inside both houses, actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan has scathingly attacked the Centre over such changes and cited the decree as a fashion of authoritarianism. 

Condemning the ban on using certain words, Kamal Haasan has issued a statement titled, 'Mr Hitler, this is not Germany'. In his statement, he contended that the move is against the freedom of expression and will strangle democracy. He said, "It is very dangerous to expect that no one should speak against the Prime Minister and the Union Ministers. Is India a monarchy to hear only praises?." 

"Banning the space for pointing out the mistakes or for criticisms would make the republic and constitution a farce", he added and further said this is not Germany to become Hitler. He released his statement on behalf of his party Makkal Needhi Maiam and he doubted whether efforts are being made to transform India into a monarchy. The statement said the party strongly condemns the move that would curb the rights of freedom of expression to the MPs.  

On Wednesday- July 13, the Lok Sabha Secretariat released a new booklet in which it has earmarked a slew of words both in English and other Indian languages as unparliamentary words. The changes have triggered a row as the opposition leaders have scathingly slammed the Centre for inducting common words such as 'abused', 'drama', and 'corrupt' as unparliamentary words. 

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