The MS Dhoni effect: How a single video gave a huge popularity to this once-iconic game?

The once-iconic mobile game, Candy Crush Saga, is talk of the town as it has now got an unprecedented popularity in a single day and in fact, through a single video, thanks to MS Dhoni, as the iconic cricketer was spotted this iconic game in a flight. As the clip has been going viral, it has been reported that the game has witnessed a deluge of downloads and a revival in the Indian gaming ecosystem dominated by online rummy and free fire battlegrounds. 

In what has been dubbed as the MS Dhoni effect behind the revival of Candy Crush Saga, it all happened in an IndiGo flight where an air hostess met Dhoni and was spotted him playing the game. The heart-touching event occurred at 30,000 feet during a flight from Ranchi, Dhoni's hometown. After knowing that Dhoni was onboard, an air hostess, Nitika Jaiswal turned as a fangirl and presented Dhoni a plate full of chocolates. 

Jaiswal shared the video of the event in which she can be seen taking a plate full of chocolates to present it to her idol, Dhoni, who was seen sitting in a window seat. When Jaiswal reaches close to Dhoni, he was seen with his iPad, playing the Candy Crush Saga. While the video of Dhoni's smiling gesture to the air hostess drawn attention, what drawn more eyes were this once-iconic game, being played by an iconic cricketer. 

Once Jaiswal shared the video, it gave a good field day for the social media users as they began to trend the Candy Crush Saga game with their hilarious reactions. In a day, the game had a huge popularity and revival. After sharing the video, Jaiswal wrote, "Okay...I admit!!! I could not stop blushing, not for the entire flight but for the entire day. I can't believe I met him like this. My all time crush, my love. No doubt such a great human being, so humble and down to earth person. Oh my God...I'm still smiling."

As the video has reached to millions across the country, some reports say that the Candy Crush Saga witnessed lakhs of downloads within hours. They claimed that the game has got over 30 lakh downloads within three hours, but these numbers weren't officially verified. MS Dhoni has recently undergone knee surgery for arthroscopic repair at Mumbai's Kokilaben Hospital and is currently recovering. 

It is pertinent to note that MS Dhoni-led Chennai Super Kings had won the IPL 2023 title recently and he also had clarified this month that he would like to play another IPL tournament before announcing his retirement. He said that he would play one more season as a gift for his fans. Back in 2021, CSK shared a video on Twitter in which Dhoni's wife Sakshi said that Dhoni is an avid gamer. She said, "Mahi's got a thinking brain, it doesn't rest. So, I think when he plays video games like Call of Duty or be it PUBG or whatever, I think it just helps him divert his mind, which is a good thing." 


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