An MSc graduate becomes sanitary worker- Are TN graduates under job uncertainty?

The soaring high unemployment rate and the absence of stable and durable foundations from the Tamil Nadu government to fix the shattered corridors of employment have been causing major uncertainty among the youths as most of the graduates are ought to land in the jobs that are neither based on their qualification nor of their interest. 

The latest of such kinds of employment from the Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu holds the testament of how the graduates are left with no options other than picking up the job as sanitation workers. A 23-year-old Monika, who is a Master of Science graduate, has now got the employment opportunity from the Coimbatore corporation to work as a sanitary worker.

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Although she expressed that she would be happy to take up the role, it largely implies how the employment corridors have been getting weakened in the state. Shockingly, she is not the only one to get such an offer and she won't be the last one if the prevailing issue goes on. On Wednesday, the Coimbatore Corporation has interviewed more than hundreds of candidates who had applied for the posts of sanitary workers.

Of these hundreds, graduates who have completed BSc, MSc, B.E, BCom, and MCom were in the queue to get placed for the job. According to the reports, most of the candidates have already been working in private firms. However, with the view of getting a permanent job, they have moved their resumes to the corporation. Some of the candidates have conveyed that they are ready to take up the new role if their profiles were selected. 

In line with the graduates, construction workers, contract workers, and homemakers have also lined up to get selected as sanitary workers. According to our sources, the Coimbatore Corporation has issued job notifications for 549 grade-I sanitary worker posts and the corporation had received over 7,300 applications including graduates. The reports say that the basic eligibility for the job is that the candidates must have completed class X and they must have fluency in Tamil. The sanitary worker would get the salary ranges from Rs 15,700 to Rs 50,000.

Graduates were among the applicants who applied for the posts of Sanitary worker in the Coimbatore corporation.


23-year-old Monika was one among them to get the job offer and along with her, about 320 candidates have got the offer letter from Tamil Nadu Minister SP Velumani. According to the reports of the labor bureau of the Union Ministry of Labor, the Tamil Nadu's educated unemployment rate stood at 6.2% in 2015-16. The rate is high when it is compared to the states like Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and West Bengal and in 2017-18, the unemployment rate soared high in Tamil Nadu and stood at 7.6%. According to the Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS) in 2017-18 which was published by the ministry of statistics and programme implementation, the Tamil Nadu unemployment rate of 7.6% is one of the highest unemployment rates among the developed states in India. While Tamil Nadu recorded with 7.6% unemployment, the national unemployment stood at 6.1%. One of the factors that contribute to larger unemployment is the slowdown of the economic growth in the state and the country.