'My best wishes to him': Rajinikanth extends his wishes to former BJP leader! Here's why

Days after closing the political gates, Superstar actor Rajinikanth has on Saturday issued a statement congratulating his former ally on the launch of a new political party ahead of the Tamil Nadu assembly polls. 

On Saturday, former Tamil Nadu BJP leader Arjuna Murthy had launched a new party 'Indhiya Makkal Munnetra Katchi' in Chennai exactly a day after the Election Commission of India announced the election date and schedule in Tamil Nadu. Arjuna Murthy had launched his party and rolled out peculiar poll promises for the elections. 

Arjuna Murthy said that he will provide a free petrol card for the school students along with the bus passes if he comes to power. Murthy, who was serving as the Chief of BJP's Intellectual Wing of Tamil Nadu, said that the school students will get a free petrol card so that they can fill petrol for their vehicles at free of cost. 

Arjuna Murthy also said that he would be appointing four Deputy Chief Ministers for the state if he gets elected as the Chief Minister. As he had floated a new party, actor Rajinikanth took to Twitter and congratulated Arjuna Murthy. In his statement, the Superstar said, "My best wishes to Arjuna Murthy for launching a new political party". The Superstar had concluded his note by extending wishes and he hasn't divulged whether he will support Arjuna Murthy in the elections.

Arjuna Murthy was serving as the Chief of BJP's Intellectual Wing in Tamil Nadu and he quitted the party to join Rajinikanth after the actor said that he will launch his political party. Murthy was surfaced with speculations that he was intentionally sent by BJP to stand with Rajinikanth in its bid to ally with the actor for the upcoming elections. Rajinikanth had on late last year said that he will be launching the political party in January 2021. 

When addressing the reporters last December concerning his political entry, Rajinikanth had introduced Arjuna Murthy to everyone as his yet-to-be-announced party's Chief-Coordinator and Tamilaruvi Manian as the manager for the party. Through making the announcement of the leadership, Rajinikanth signaled that he is getting close to entering politics and launching a political party. Arjuna Murthy and Tamilaruvi Manian had been working towards unveiling the party in January 2021. 

However, days ahead of the expected launch, Rajinikanth had shocked the fans and the members by asserting that he will not be entering politics due to his health condition. His announcement had caused major disturbances within the members and they had staged protests against the superstar demanding him to enter politics. However, Rajinikanth said that he had made up the decision and he will not enter politics. 

Following his assertion, some of the members of his outfit Rajini Makkal Mandram had quitted from his camp and joined the top political parties in the state including the ruling ADMK and the opposition DMK. As Rajini's political movement was collapsed, Arjuna Murthy and Tamilaruvi Manian had left Rajini. Months after quitting from Rajinikanth's team, Arjuna Murthy has now launched a new party in Chennai. He had launched the party on Saturday to contest in the polls for which Rajinikanth had released a statement and extended his wishes to his former ally.