"My sincere clarification"... Lal Salaam actress Dhanya Balakrishna finally responds to the old controversial post degrading Tamil people

(This article is authored by Alar)

Dhanya Balakrishna, the actress who plays a pivotal role in the upcoming film ‘Lal Salaam’, has finally spoken out about the controversy that has been haunting her for 12 years. The controversy erupted when a screenshot of a Facebook post, allegedly made by Dhanya, went viral on social media. The post contained a derogatory remark against Tamizhians and their superstar Rajinikanth.

Dhanya, who has been receiving threats and hate messages ever since has issued a press release to clear her name and apologize to the Tamil people. Her statement read, "I swear to my profession, which puts food on my table, that the statement that is circulating now was not made by me, and it is not my opinion. I clarified it 12 years ago when it happened, and I am saying it even today. It was a screenshot created by a troll. But I have nothing in my power to prove to you all that it was not me,"

"The reason for my silence for 12 years was only because I was receiving a lot of threats and hate towards me and my family, and protecting them was my priority. Now I want to take the opportunity to clarify that the alleged statement was not made by me. I started my career in Tamil cinema, and I'm always grateful that I got the privilege to work here. Most of my friends are also Tamil, and I would never even think of making such a remark as a joke. The Tamil audience was my first audience, and your love gave me the courage and hope to work for many years,"

"As a human being and as a woman, I would never have the intention to say or do anything to hurt anybody. I have done Tamil films like "Raja Rani," "Neethane en Pon Vasantham," and "Carbon" and three Tamil web series after the incident happened, but nowhere such a backlash was faced. Although the statement was not my words, unfortunately, to my bad luck, my name has been associated with it. So I would like to extend my sincere and unconditional apology to the Tamil people for the hurt that has been caused,"

"I also deeply apologize to Rajinikanth sir, Aishwarya Rajinikanth ma'am, and Rajini sir's fans for the inconvenience and hurt caused by this issue. I am powerless and helpless at this point, and I only hope you have the heart to see the truth in this," .

Dhanya’s statement comes ahead of the release of her film ‘Lal Salaam’, which is a political thriller directed by Aishwarya Rajinikanth. The film also stars Superstar Rajinikanth making a special appearance and a stellar cast led by Vishnu Vishal and Vikranth, Lal Salaam promises to hit the theatres with a bang on February 9. A. R. Rahman's musical magic, Vishnu Rangasamy's cinematography, and B. Pravin Baaskar's editing skills add the perfect ingredients to this anticipating film.