"My wife Latha is the reason why I am so healthy"... When Superstar couldn't stop gushing over his wife as he recalls his tough days on bad habits...

(This article is authored  by Alar)

Everything about this legendary actor is grand and 'larger than life,' from his action sequences to his movie jokes to the cult films he has given the world and his ability to maintain his stardom. Rajinikanth's macho screen persona never fails to delight his fans. Though his fans adore him, there are many facets of his life that they don't know about. The Superstar admitted at a recent event that his wife Latha was the turning point in his transition from a person who regularly indulged in harmful behaviors like heavy alcohol use and cigarette smoking to a more moral and responsible person.

Speaking at 50th-day celebrations of actor YG Mahendran's Sharp Productions', Actor Rajinikanth, who attended as a special guest, opened the Tamilplay Charukesi by clapping and spoke emotionally about his wife. "It was YG Mahendran who introduced me to Latha. He was the main reason we got married,"

According to Rajinikanth, he had made the most major decisions when he met the woman he would spend the rest of his life with in an extraordinary way. During his time as a conductor, he developed an addiction to alcohol and a ravenous appetite for red meat, he said. "I drink and smoke a lot, and take meat twice a day even when I was a conductor, then imagine what the stardom would have done to these habits. As far as I know, no one who has eaten too much of this for many years has ever lived to be 60 years old,"

"Even though I am 73 years old, my wife Latha is the reason why I am so healthy. Bad habits like this cannot be abandoned by anyone. Latha was the one who pushed me to grow up, took me to see the right doctors, and ultimately altered my entire life. Viewing my older films will give you insight into who I was before and after I tied the knot. Because of YG Mahendran, I now have the most wonderful wife." Rajini's wife Latha cried happy tears after hearing this speech.