Nayanthara’s ‘Annapoorani’ sparks outrage! Shiv Sena member files a complaint...

(This article is authored by Alar)

Nayanthara, the Lady Superstar of Tamil cinema, has landed in a controversy over her 75th film ‘Annapoorani’, which was released on Netflix last week. The film, directed by Nilesh Krishna, is a culinary drama that follows the journey of a young woman who wants to become a chef, despite being the daughter of a Hindu temple priest.

However, the film has drawn the ire of some Hindu groups, who have accused it of promoting ‘Love Jihad’ and insulting Lord Ram. ‘Love Jihad’ is a term used by some right-wing activists to allege that Muslim men lure Hindu women into converting to Islam by feigning love.

According to The Republic, former Shiv Sena member Ramesh Solanki has filed a complaint against ‘Annapoorani’ at the LT Marg Police Station in Mumbai, claiming that the film hurts the sentiments of Hindus. He has also alleged that the film has a scene where actor Jai, who plays Nayanthara’s love interest, says that Lord Ram is a meat eater, which is contrary to the Hindu scriptures.

Another complaint was filed by the Hindu IT Cell at the Mumbai police, stating that the film misrepresents Valmiki’s Ramayana and criticizes Lord Ram. The complainant has demanded that the film be banned and the makers be arrested.

Many netizens have slammed the scene as an attempt to glorify Islam and demean Hinduism, and have called for a boycott of the film and Netflix. Some have also questioned Nayanthara’s choice of roles, as she is known to be a devout Christian.

‘Annapoorani’ is Nayanthara’s 75th film in her illustrious career, which spans over two decades. She is one of the most popular and highest-paid actresses in South India, and has won several awards and accolades for her roles in films.