NEET horror continues: Another aspirant in TN had committed suicide, second death in a day!

In just a day ahead of the NEET exam, Tamil Nadu had witnessed shocking developments as two NEET aspirants had ended their lives by committing suicide on Saturday, that had triggered massive outrage in the state in demanding the government to repeal the NEET, as the suicides are linked with the pressure and challenges endured by the students due to the national entrance test. 

The state woke up on Saturday with the grieving news that the 19-year-old NEET aspirant in Madurai had committed suicide at her home. In the early hours of Saturday, 19- year-old Jothi Sri Durga was found dead in her room after she hanged herself. She was preparing for the second attempt of NEET and she had committed suicide exactly one day ahead of the exams. 

The police had recovered her suicide note in which she had written that she would disappoint her family members and others if she didn't get a medical seat by failing the NEET exam. Apart from the suicide note, she also had left a video recording on her phone, which is also been investigated by the police. Her demise had strongly erupted the voice in the state to ban the NEET exams, which poses unfair treatment for the students. 

While the state has been mourning the loss of the student, it has now come through another shocking development after the 20-year-old student had committed suicide in his home, becoming the second one to die in a day over being surfaced with the fear and anxiety for NEET exams. According to the reports, 20-year-old Adithya had committed suicide by hanging to death in his home in Dharmapuri district amid preparing for the NEET exams. 

The back to back deaths of the NEET aspirants in a day had left the state to shock and grief as the unprecedented development had exhibited the fear and anxiety endured by the students in clearing the national entrance test. With the two back to back deaths, Tamil Nadu had witnessed the deaths of three aspirants within a week. On September 9, 17-year-old medical aspirant Vignesh from Ariyalur district in the state had committed suicide by jumping into the well in his neighborhood. 

Vignesh had attempted NEET twice earlier. He had got a seat in agricultural sciences and he was preparing for this year's NEET with the hope of getting a seat in the medical college. However, he was under deep stress and he had committed suicide hours after the Supreme Court rejected all the petitions that sought to defer the NEET examination, which has been scheduled on September 13. The Central government had come through the nationwide outcry and protests from the students to defer the NEET examinations owing to the COVID-19 outbreak and existing challenges. 

However, the National Testing Agency had asserted that there would be no turn back and the exams will be held as per schedule.  While the students have been preparing for the exams, the deaths of Vignesh, Jothi Sri Durga, and Adithya in a short span of time ahead of the exams had surfaced the distressing state of the students in preparing and appearing for the NEET exams.

The political parties in the state have been voicing against the NEET exams and demanded the government to repeal the national entrance test and find an alternative for NEET to end the suicides.  According to the reports, around 1,17,502 students in Tamil Nadu would be writing the NEET exam on September 13 across 14 centers in the state. 

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